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Diamonds Direct
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To our founders, it was supremely important that the customer celebrate their love with the best resources possible. Their philosophy of guidance, education, selection, and value was built to enhance the shopping experience for customers. Our founders knew the customers would come to Diamonds Direct because of the pricing and selection, but ultimately buy because of our passion, commitment, and personal relationship built with each customer.Our direct approach quickly made an impact on the industry. By empowering customers with the intricate knowledge of how the diamond industry worked, we eliminated any confusion or pressure on the end consumer. For the customer, with empowerment came confidence and pride in their individual purchase.

Our founders model allowed each customer to uniquely select a high quality diamond and present it as a symbol of their affection for to their loved one.Savvy shoppers quickly embraced the Diamonds Direct concept and today, we are one of America’s largest and most successful independent jewelry companies. Though the company has grown, each location upholds the same values instilled by our founders in 1995- education, value, selection, guidance and above all, passion. Diamonds Direct’s brick and mortar locations can be found across the south and are accompanied by a personally curated online shopping experience that has been developed to deliver the same phenomenal customer service and quality synonymous with the Diamonds Direct name. Diamonds Direct further promotes their mantra of spreading love through the Diamonds Direct Foundation. Welcome to Diamonds Direct, where your love is celebrated through our passion for diamonds.


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