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Dondero Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

Dondero Diamonds & Fine Jewelry
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“You can only enjoy the experience of buying if you’re buying with confidence. Confidence comes from trust. Trust comes from Dondero Diamonds & Fine Jewelry.’ — Ken Dondero

Since 1948, our Vineland, New Jersey showroom has displayed jewelry and gifts notable for their selection, style, craftsmanship, and unsurpassed value. And the experience of buying a piece at Dondero’s is seldom equaled by those stores who sell jewelry as if it was a commodity instead of a tangible proof of affection.

Trust Dondero’s. Because the Real Value of What We Sell Is as Intangible as Love.

Few purchases made in one’s lifetime are as significant as that of a diamond or other piece of fine jewelry. Many will cost far more, but none carries with it the weight of sentiment that a ring, necklace, pair of earrings, watch, or other gift possesses.

At Dondero Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, we believe that each piece of jewelry we offer for sale is more than the precious metal, diamond, pearl, or gemstone of which it is crafted: it contains, as well, the affection of the giver for the one who receives the gift.

Make Dondero’s your jeweler for life’s great passions,
occasions, and ceremonies..”


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