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Orr’s Jewelers
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We are not your typical diamond Jeweler… Orr’s Jewelers is the source for Diamonds. Our diamond inventory is significantly larger than most jewelry stores. This means that we probably have, in stock, what you are looking for. Our sales staff are seasoned jewelry professionals; highly trained in gemology and customer service. We educate first, and then we match our inventory to your needs. The entire staff is full time and non-commissioned., which means, there is no pressure, we want to develop a long term relationship and provide you with the kind of service you deserve. Most jewelers have small inventories and work with consignment or memorandum inventory. We don’t. We examine each diamond before we purchase it and pay immediately. This allows us to purchase the most beautiful diamonds on the market and present the best value to you, the customer. WE ARE AGGRESSIVE BUYERS… NOT AGGRESSIVE SELLERS, and that is why Orr’s Rocks.


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