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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Sophisticated yet on-trend, rose gold is the metal of the moment. Giving off a romantic aesthetic, this gorgeous rose-colored metal is traditional yet fashion forward from the 20s to now.

To achieve a shade of rose gold for the perfect rose gold engagement ring, one mixes yellow gold with a copper alloy—the amount of copper added determines how light or dark the rose gold hue will be. In the 1800’s, Russian royalty adored the pinkish metal, followed by many people across the world in 1920’s, when artistic and modern movements were emerging at every corner.

Early jewelry designers soon began reinstating rose gold as a popular metal and the trend caught almost instantaneously. Today, rose gold engagement rings, as well as rose gold jewelry — remain extremely popular among jewelry lovers. The shade represents delicateness, romance, and adoration with its shiny tones and hints of rose and pink. Fun and playful, rose gold engagement rings can be elegant and unique at the same time.

The jewelry of the 1920s reflected more bold and fun spirited times. Styles grew to be bolder and more incorporated warmer and ultimately feminine designs. In today’s day, rose gold engagement rings offer a more timeless yet modern look for the modern-day bride. If she is a more fashion forward, on-trend lady, she’ll love a rose gold metal for her beautiful engagement ring.

Adding rose gold to a solitaire or vintage engagement ring, can add that contemporary look you’re searching for. It can also update a rose gold engagement ring and make it look newer and more fashion forward especially when it comes to a vintage inspired engagement ring. Since it is a long-lasting metal, our

Rose Gold Rings

will last if your forever love. It is a true symbol of the love between you and your bride to be. Although styles change and rose gold may not be the most popular metal forever, it will always be feminine and romantic, which will never go out of style.

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

are a great way to mix up your look without going for an out of the box style. Mixing up the metal of your engagement ring can add the uniqueness that your loved one wants without changing the entire ring. With its beautiful soft color, rose gold engagement rings flatter most everyone and work for most jewelry such as, engagement rings, wedding bands, and even bracelets, earrings and pendants. Brides love the look of a rose gold engagement ring because it’s a beautiful mix of a traditional and modern style.

With rose gold engagement rings, your bride can mix and match styles to make for a more unique looking engagement ring. Mixing metals with a white and rose gold setting or mixing a rose gold engagement ring with a white gold wedding band can make for a more modern, contemporary look that isn’t the norm. One of the best ways to mix a rose gold metal with a diamond is on a solitaire engagement ring. A solitaire eliminates the possibility of the rose-colored setting shining through the colorless diamond. With this setting, it allows more light to enter through the diamond instead of color from the brand. Therefore, when going for a rose-colored setting, we recommend a solitaire engagement ring with a colorless diamond.

Another great way to mix metals and create a more unique look is to mix the setting color and the halo. With halo

Rose Gold Rings

, your center stone will automatically look larger. Add in a rose gold metal and your ring will stand out in every way from sparkle to size. Make that unique, romantic statement with your rose gold engagement ring by checking out our warmer tone engagement rings and wedding bands.

Rose gold is a stunning shade of metal that you can add to your rose gold ring. Its popularity is constantly growing among brides of today and many other women because of their increasing desire to add some color and personality to their engagement rings. Rose gold engagement rings stand out for their elegant, rosy shade, and are a perfect option for the bride who desires something traditional with a slight pop of color. With a rose gold engagement ring you’ll be the chicest bride along with the most fashion forward because rose gold is definitely in.