Rose Gold Jewelry Trend

In the past few years we’ve seen firsthand the steady rise of rose gold’s popularity. Though it goes by many names, Russian Gold, Pink Gold, Red Gold, demand for both fashion jewelry and engagement rings crafted from the yellow gold and copper alloy has soared as of recent.

This is no doubt thanks in part to a few key media, designers and celebrities who sing its praises; however, the story of how this dazzling metal came about only adds to the inherent romance found within its rosy hues.

While rose gold has drifted in and out of the limelight for nearly 200 years, its initial rise to fame began in nineteenth century Russia. Since then, everyone from demure Victorians to roaring 20’s flappers have donned pieces cast in this trendy gold.

In war times, when government restrictions on platinum dictated it must strictly be used for military purposes, rose gold once again took center stage as the metal of choice and class.

After short break in the last part of the 20th century when minimalism was the look-du-jour, designers, fashion icons and international media alike have since thawed to the warm, feminine alloy.

Now everyone from A-listers like Rumer Willis and Kat Graham of the Vampire Diaries have been spotted in our rose gold jewelry. High profile designers such as Chanel, Dior and Michael Kors have also made entire collections from the rosy alloy, while fashion writers on both coasts pump out article after article touting its beauty.

For example, the LA times recently published a piece remarking on the “vintage appeal of rose gold jewelry”. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a New York Times Fashion correspondent reporting from Paris described rose gold’s allure in his editorial entitled, “Like the Dawn: Rose Gold Is in Vogue Again”.

Yet the Sylvie Collection was producing stunning rose gold pieces long before the Huffington Post named it as “The Hottest Wedding Jewelry Trend Of 2013”. However, based on feedback we’ve received from our clients, we’ve taken care to accommodate brides who may also be hesitant about purchasing wedding and engagement rings which are exclusively plated in rose gold, but want to partake in its beauty.

In recent years, we’ve taken a page from renowned French jeweler, Cartier, who created the ring which arguably spawned the peak of rose gold’s popularity back in the 1920’s. His now iconic “Trinity” ring, which united intertwining bands made in yellow, white and rose gold, is mirrored in our timeless rose and white gold two tone engagement ring.

It’s a perfect choice for the bride who not only wants it all, but also wants to pass it all down for generations. To achieve this seamless look, I accent either the shank or the prongs of the halo in fine rose gold. Milgrain edges also get the rosy royal treatment if part of the ring design. 

For 21st century women who feel a strong pull towards modernism, but aren’t willing to compromise on a bit of traditionalism, rose gold provides the perfect medium. In essence, the reason it works so well is due to its soft blush pigmentation which not only looks great against any skin tone, but also complements a wide variety of gemstones and diamonds.

Our rose gold pieces offer a unique vintage-inspired quality while still retaining an understated modern elegance, so that no matter your style your engagement ring is sure to enhance your look.