Vintage Rings and Jewelry Trends

Many women favor the nostalgia and romance of a vintage style ring on their wedding day. I’ve had brides come in with the most touching love stories represented by rings their mother’s, grandmother’s and distant relatives wore. It’s understandable they’d want to incorporate features or stones from those delicate pieces as part of their own unique story.

Still others connect with ring designs from bygone eras after seeing emotional swells of love on the big screen. For example, when F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic love story, The Great Gatsby hit the silver screen in 2013, demand for my vintage-style engagement rings soared unlike anything I’d seen before. It seems the decadence and idealism of that Jazz Age glamour really struck a chord with those about to tie the knot.  

I’ve also seen a renaissance towards engagement rings which call on the types of classic styles that will retain their charm and relevancy over the decades. Fortunately, if this holds true for you too, Glamour magazine recently touted our vintage collection in a feature they aptly titled, “Rings You’ll Still Love in 50 Years”.

So what sets a vintage-style ring apart from those in our other collections? And from which eras do we draw our inspiration?

For starters, we craft delicate layers of intricate milgrain and filigree work into the bands. The work is open with lots of lace detail emerging from the negative space. These ornate vintage-style inspirations have been so well received by brides looking for unique choices in addition to the ever popular halo rings and classic solitaire beauties.

While many of the styles I came up with still feature classic engagement ring traits such as halo or solitaire aesthetics, the more sophisticated and elaborate metalwork elevates the ring into an entirely different category. My vintage collection offers a large selection with designs to suit any level of ‘vintage’ from just a touch of nostalgia to a completely authentic antique look.

The five most popular ring styles are based looks found in Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and, Art Deco era rings. Some feature simple, elegant designs which pre-date the classic Tiffany six-prong diamond solitaire, which was unveiled in 1886. Others use ornate scrollwork and geometric detailing to enhance mountings and siding. All of which look great with classic stone cuts such as emerald, asscher, or rose.

Shakira Wearing a Vintage Ring by the Sylvie Collection

It’s also not uncommon for brides to request emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and yellow diamonds on our vintage-style rings. More and more we’re seeing women ‘put a ring on it’ themselves, by self-purchasing a custom right-hand fashion ring such as this art deco inspired Sylvie design worn by Shakira on ‘The Voice’. In Style magazine also praised our vintage inspired statement pieces, proudly proclaiming these, “are romantic pieces that don’t require a wedding day”.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to emulate the elegant sophistication of The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan on your wedding day, or every day, we have the vintage inspired fashion or engagement ring for you.