White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold is beautiful, practical, affordable and versatile, making it the perfect metal for your wedding ring! Browse our infinite collection of white gold wedding bands designed to compliment any engagement ring, all completely customizable in 14k or 18k gold.
classic curved wedding band
Classic Curved Wedding Band – BS1653-011A4W-ALL
Stackable Wedding Band – Mila – B0063-022/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band – Maeva – B0022-0016/D4W
Shared Prong Wedding Band in White Gold - Sylvie
Shared Prong Wedding Band – BS1842-014A4W-ALL
Modern Square Shaped Stackable Band in Rose Gold – Salome – B0068-017/D4R
Micro Pave Wedding Band – BSY718-0016/A4W
micro pave wedding band in white gold
Micro Pave Wedding Band – BS2333-053A4W-ALL
Diamond Wedding Band
Diamond Wedding Band – BS1953-025A4W-ALL
Classic Yellow Gold Spiral Wedding Band – Sylvia – B0052-029/D4Y
classic wedding band in white gold
Classic Wedding Band with Milgrain Accents – BSY808-22A4W10R
Classic Wedding Band – BSY289-08A4W86E
Classic Wedding Band – BSY293-0017/A4W
Classic Wedding Band in White Gold
Classic Wedding Band – BS1797-032A4W-ALL
classic wedding band in white gold
Classic Wedding Band – BS1390-011A4W-ALL
Classic Curved Wedding Band – BSY888-15A4W10R
vintage inspired wedding band
Vintage Inspired Wedding Band – BS1866-037A4W-ALL
Vintage Baguette Wedding Band – B0090-0084/A4W
Vintage Weddig Band  Sylvie
Unique Vintage Wedding Band – BS1212-039A4W-ALL
Unique Stackable Wedding Band – Roxanne – B0060-027/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band
Stackable Wedding Band – Justine – B0019-0016/D4W
Rose Gold Wedding Band
Round Rose Gold & Diamond Stackable Wedding Band – Béatrice – B0012-0017/D4R
Rose Gold Marquise Shaped Stackable Band – Samantha – B0038-017/D4R
Pave Wedding Band
Pave Wedding Band – BS1961-030A4W-ALL
Modern Stackable Band – Lucienne – B0070-034/D4W
Modern Diamond Stackable Band – Laurel – B0035-013/D4W
Micro Pave Wedding Band – BSY768028A4W10R
Marquise Shaped Stackable Diamond Band – Tara – B0037-013/D4W
Floral Inspired Rose Gold Wedding Band – Marquerite – B0057-013/D4R
Double Row Wedding Band – BSY854-37A4W10R
Diamond Stackable Wedding Band – Brynna – B0026-0023/D4W