Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands
The purest color of all the golds, yellow gold is truly one of the brightest and boldest metals, designed to make any engagement ring or wedding band stand out in a crowd! Browse our collection of hundreds of yellow gold wedding bands in an array of styles such as vintage, modern, stackable and more!
Vintage Inspired Wedding Band – BS1392-07A4W-ALL
Spiral Wedding Band
Modern Spiral Wedding Band – BS1524-012/D4W*
B1P15-0030-WG Band
Stackable wedding band – Cerise – B1P15-0030/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band -50A4W
Vintage Inspired Stackable Wedding Band
Vintage Inspired Stackable Wedding Band – Talia – B0011-0022/D4W
baguette diamond wedding band in white gold
Baguette Diamond Wedding Band – B0098-0052/AD4W
Thin Wedding Band in White Gold
Thin Wedding Band – BS1847-017A4W-ALL
marquise wedding band with shared prongs
Marquise Wedding Band with Shared Prongs – B1P09-78A4W-ALTMQ-LGR
Vintage Inspired Wedding Band
Vintage Inspired Wedding Band – BS1409-037A4W-ALL
Stackable Wedding Band
Stackable Baguette Wedding Band – B0088-0047/AD4W
Yellow Gold Wedding Band
Classic Wedding Band – BS1093-022A4W-ALL
thin channel set wedding band
Thin Channel Set Wedding Band – BS2504-012A4W-ALL
Vintage Baguette Wedding Band – B0091-0040/AD4W
Pave Style Wedding Band
Classic Pave Diamond Wedding Band – BS1633-054A4W-ALL
Hand Engraved Vintage Wedding Band
Hand Engraved Vintage Wedding Band – BS1363-22A4W10R
Vintage-Inspired Wedding Band – BS1500-006A4W-ALL
Classic Spiral Wedding Band – Sylvia – B0052-029/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band - B0072
Stackable Wedding Band – B0072-035/D4W
Stackable Diamond Ring in White Gold
Stackable Diamond Ring – BS1976-015A4W-ALL
Thick Diamond Band in White Gold
Thick Diamond Band with Round Brilliant Diamonds – BS2062-100A4W-ALL
shared prong diamond wedding band
Shared Prong Diamond Wedding Band – BS1862-079A4W-ALL
 wedding band
Stackable wedding band – B1P11-0056/D4W
Vintage Inspired Stackable Band – Sybil – B0047-008/D4W
diamondackablendlvie--018 WG
Stackable Wedding Band – B1P18-018D4W-ALL
Stackable Wedding Band B1P13-0042
Stackable wedding band – B1P13-0042/D4W
Stackable Wedding band B1P13-051-ALT
Stackable wedding band – B1P13-051D4W-ALT
Modern Spiral Wedding Band
Modern Spiral Wedding Band – BS1523-025/A4W*
Classic Wedding Band  WG
Classic Wedding Band – BS1793-022A4W-ALL
Unique Stackable Wedding Band – Nathalie – B0061-027/D4W