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Modern Pendant Necklace

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Modern Pendant Necklace

Modern Diamond Pendant – PD655-0100/D4W

Heartaped Diamond Necklace in White Gold

Heart-Shaped Diamond Necklace – PD815-0053/D4W

Modern Rose Gold Pave Diamond Necklace

Modern Rose Gold Pave Diamond Necklace – PD819-0050/D4W

Round Pave Diamond Necklace

Round Pave Diamond Necklace – PD817-0054/D4W

Oval Diamond Pave Necklace

Oval Diamond Pave Necklace – PD818-0053/D4W

Rose Gold and Diamond Flower Pendant – PD177-0174/D4R

Yellow Gold Diamond Star Necklace

Yellow Gold Diamond Star Necklace – PD820-0047/D4W

Teardrop Diamond Necklace – PD656-0052/D4W

Diamond Swirl Pendant

Diamond Swirl Pendant – PD827-0014/D4W

Modern Rose Gold and Diamond Swirl Pendant

Rose Gold Diamond Swirl Pendant – PD827-0014/D4R

Rose Gold Diamond Necklace – PD168-0104/D4R

Modern Diamond Necklace – PD654-0050/D4W

Diamond Flower Pendant – PD637-0086/D4W

Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace – PD171-0112/D4Y

Twone Diamond Swirl Pendant

Two-Tone Diamond Swirl Pendant – PD827-0014/D4T


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