Classic Engagement Rings

Simple classic engagement rings can be a timeless expression of your love. Classic diamond rings offer just enough detail to be unique and can be customized in hundreds of ways including different sizes or shapes of center stones and different metals.
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Classic Round Engagement Rings

wide band engagement ring
Wide Band Engagement Ring – Marlise – S2793-100A4W20R
Wide Band Engagement Ring - Andrea
Wide Band Engagement Ring – Andrea – S1862-111A4W20R
Vintage Inspired Classic Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Classic Engagement Ring – Rosemarie – SY884-022A4W10R
Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Classic Engagement Ring – Lolita – S1754-062A4W10R
Vintage Inspired Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Classic Engagement Ring – Charline – S1350-047A4W10R
Unique Hidden Halo Engagement Ring
Unique Hidden Halo Engagement Ring – Hyacinthe – S1947-057A4W10R

Classic Oval Engagement Rings

unique oval engagement ring in white gold
Unique Oval Engagement Ring – Esmeralda – S2504-032A4W27O
Two Tone Oval Engagement Ring- OVlvie
Two Tone Oval Engagement Ring – Jayla – S1633-069A4T20O
Single Prong Engagement RIng - Karol
Single Prong Oval Engagement Ring – Karol – S1P10-068A4W20O
Oval Engagement Ring with Thick Band
Oval Engagement Ring with Thick Band – Veronique – S1860-064A4W20O
oval engagement ring with hidden halo in white gold
Oval Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo – Harmonie – S1944-033A4W15O
oval engagement ring with hidden halo - Anastasia
Oval Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo – Anastasia – S1953-029A4W12O

Classic Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

cushion cut engagement ring
Unique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Raegan – SY461-068A4W20C
Pave solitaire engagement ring lvie
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds – Jayla – S1633-069A4W40C
cushion cut engagement ring sylvie
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Maryam – S2093-037A4W20C
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Athena – S1P14-029A4W10C
solitaire engagement ring sylvie
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Adorlee – S1093-021A4W15C

Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring- EMlvie
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds – Jayla – S1633-063A4W20E
emerald cut engagement ring sylvie
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – Adorlee – S1093-021A4W10E
Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Ring in white gold
Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – Aimee – S2060-042A4W20E

Classic Princess Cut Engagement Rings

princess cut engagement ring sylvie
princess cut engagement ring sylvie
Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Adorlee – S1093-021A4W10P
princess cut engagement ring
Princess Cut Classic Engagement Ring – Lacee – SY708-0034/A4W
Classic Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Classic Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Ségolène – S1225-071A4W20P
Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring
Classic Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Félicia – S1079-040A4W15P

Classic Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

two tone pear shaped diamond engagement ring - S1944 PS TT-Sylvie
Two Tone Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring – Harmonie – S1944-031A4T12T
Pear Shaped Hidden Halo Ring - Valencia
Pear Shaped Hidden Halo Ring – Valencia – S2583-034A4W20T
pear shaped engagement ring sylvie
pear engagement ring sylvie
Pear Engagement Ring – Adorlee – S1093-021A4W10T
Pear Diamond Setting  PS by Sylvie
Pear Diamond Setting – Veronique – S1860-064A4W15T

What are Classic Engagement Rings?

Do you remember the day when you knew in your heart that the person you were with was meant to be your partner for life? It could have been the first time you said “I love you” to each other, or the first time you met each other’s parents, or even when you had your first kiss! Whatever the case, we know the moment had to be special. That’s why we’re going to make sure your proposal is even more special because a classic engagement ring is exactly what you will need for such an occasion!

So what is a classic engagement ring? Classic engagement rings all have a simple and elegant look that includes either a plain band or a band with diamonds on both sides, both complimenting a large center stone at the top of the ring. Classic diamond engagement rings tend to have less detail and design, and more focus on the center stone at the top. However simple they may be, classic diamond rings can still come in all shapes, sizes, and trends.

What is the most classic shape for an engagement ring?

One of the best ways to make your classic engagement ring stand out is to get creative with the size and shape of your center stone. Center stones can be any type that you like, diamonds, gemstones, or even pearls. Although we prefer diamonds, the best part of buying an engagement ring is that you get to choose the best style to suit your personality. Here are a few of our favorite diamond shapes you can have in your classic engagement ring:

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Round brilliant diamonds are the most classic shape for engagement rings! It’s a highly original diamond cut that never goes out of style!

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are all the rage right now among trendy brides. Oval stones are diverse and can shine brilliantly, but they can also elongate the look of your fingers, which makes them a great complementary style.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds have become very popular recently and are one of our favorite “fancy shapes”. The pear brings a look of sophistication and elegance to any traditional engagement ring.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut is a very classic style that was once the most popular cut out there! A cushion is the perfect mix of round and princess, creating a square pillow look that adds a touch of feminism and delicacy to the ring.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the most unique stones you can have and often draw a lot of attention for their antique look that dates back as one the most famously used cuts among royalty and mid-century jewelers.

How to choose a Simple Classic Engagement Ring

Choosing a simple classic engagement ring over a more intricate style can make things easier for you, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for certain qualities when choosing a simple ring. There are many factors to consider such as the type of metal your ring is composed of and what the style of the band will be. Sylvie Collection classic diamond rings are available in 14k, 18k, rose, white or yellow gold as well platinum. 14k can make your ring more affordable, whereas Platinum is a more premium option that will add longevity and durability. Platinum is also hypoallergenic.

Another factor to consider when looking for a simple classic engagement ring is what style band suits your personality. Some of the most common band styles include pave, channel, or shared prong. A pave band is the most common where the diamonds are simply flowing down the band and each has 4 prongs holding them together. Our most classic pave engagement ring is our Adorlee ring, which can also be customized with any different size or shape center stone. A shared prong band may look more delicate and feminine such as ourAthena ring with a single shared prong between each diamond.

Another popular choice for your band is a high polished metal band for a simple solitaire engagement ring. This is where there are no diamonds on the band and your center stone is the star of the ring! There are several different types of “fits” when choosing a plain band though so be sure to ask your jeweler to show you the different types of fits such as comfort fit or a more modern fit with pronounced edges.

What are the most popular types of classic style engagement rings?

Classic style engagement rings can be unique, especially when made by award-winning designer Sylvie. Below are a few of our favorite styles of classic engagement rings. Once you’ve learned which ones you like the best, visit our classic engagement ring gallery to find your dream ring today!

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

Sylvie’s classic solitaire engagement ring settings are a great choice when looking for something simple and elegant. This style of ring puts all the emphasis on your center stone. The band would have no diamonds, making the center stone the solitaire diamond in the ring.
This is a popular style for those who like elegance, simplicity, and want to invest more of their money into a high-quality diamond.

Classic Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold, in particular, has become increasingly popular in the last few years, which is why it’s safe to say classic gold engagement rings are often a go-to for those looking for a simple ring! Yellow gold is affordable, timeless, and elegant all in one!

Classic Vintage Engagement Rings

Typically when you think of vintage rings you envision a lot of ornate detail and design, however, classic vintage engagement rings by Sylvie have just the right amount of antique detail while still maintaining a simplistic feel. A classic vintage engagement ring would include elements such as emerald stones, channel settings, engraving, or even a touch of subtle milgrain detailing.