Types of Engagement Rings and What They Mean

There are various ring styles when it comes to picking out an engagement ring. Each style has its own highs and lows. For instance, some look great while others are a little heavy on the hand. The ideal way to choose an engagement ring is to do so based on your personality type. If you are outgoing or fashionable, a halo or vintage engagement ring might attract you the most. If you are a traditionalist at heart, engagement rings like the solitaire or three-stone rings might suit you the best.

Each engagement ring style says something about you. Therefore, if you want to make the right choice, explore all the options first.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire engagement is the most popular and common engagement ring design. Did you know that 75% of all diamond engagement rings sold are solitaire engagement rings? Their simplicity is what makes them unique. Most solitaire rings have a single center stone mounted on a metal band. Solitaire rings speak of elegance and are considered a timeless piece.

Variations can be opted for. One can choose a different metal, gemstone, size of the centre stone or set on a narrow or wide band.

If you choose a solitaire ring as your engagement ring, it means that you are a classic, traditional bride at heart and you love all things simple. You follow all the traditions of a classic wedding. You may even wear your mother’s gown down the aisle.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage jewelry has become the talk of the town with its intricate craftsmanship and nostalgic charm. Long-lasting and sturdy techniques have been used to mold the metal into different shapes for engraving and scroll work. This makes them durable and beautiful. The vintage engagement rings remind one of old times and the love stories associated with the rings. Because they have been passed on from generation to generation, they are more personal than anything.

Women who are truly romantic at heart or inspired by movies like the Great Gatsby or Gone with the Wind, fall in love with intricate and detailed masterpieces. It is the perfect combination of something old, something borrowed and something new.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings feature an encapsulated center stone by a band of pave diamonds (or micro pave diamonds) on all sides, accentuating its size and appearance. The surrounding diamonds have reflective light properties and thus make the center stone shine brighter no matter what gemstone is set. There are a number of variations on the ring such as a double or triple halo, depending on what the couple desires.

If you want a halo ring as your diamond engagement ring, we assume you are trendy and have a great taste for fashion.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three-stone rings allow two sides stones to be set on both sides of the center stone. These can either be of the same size or smaller. A three-stone engagement ring symbolizes a couple’s past, present and future. In general, the center stone is set slightly higher than the other two side stones to give the ring some depth.

Three-stone rings are again for those brides who love to stay true to their roots, who value their relationship and every memory associated with it. If you were given a three-stone ring by your fiancé, know that he loves you the same every passing day.

Split shank

A split shank engagement ring is the one in which the shank splits as it closes to the centre stone. The separation allows for the ring to appear more proportionate in case of a large centre stone, It allows some cleavage between the ring and the finger and extra glitzy thanks to the band of diamonds that are set onto the split. The smaller cut diamonds on the split reflect light, making the centre stone appear bigger than it already is. There are many variations, such as a wide or narrow band, the number of splits and its depth.

Brides who wish to opt for a split shank ring are trendy and chic and do not immediately take to more traditional designs. It is also a favorite among couples who don’t want to overspend on the centre stone and would rather spend on the side diamonds to add more definition to the ring.


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Tips on How to Write Your Proposal Speech

Proposing to your partner can be one of the scariest, and most exciting things a man (or woman) will ever do in their lifetime. In fact, it is said to be the most important moment you’ll ever plan. But have no fear, this How to Propose starter kit includes the setting, the timing and of course, the right words!

When creating a proposal speech, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, it needs to catch her off guard, and perhaps, make her tear up a bit. Whether it is memorable or not, the truth is that she is going to describe every detail of that night, right from what you ordered for appetizers to how your voice quivered when you asked, “Will you marry me?” to all her friends, family, coworkers and especially those that she secretly despises. The next morning, you are going to wake up to a frenzy of social meet chatter about how you popped the question, so why not give her something amazing to gloat about?

Make your proposal speech a story worth telling.  While we are at it, don’t just steal quotes from any rom-com movie, unless of course, she is a fan. The idea is to make it as personalized as possible. She might not be “wooed” by deep poetry if she is an outgoing, social butterfly kind-of-a-woman. She might want the fireworks or paint-the-town-red kind of stuff. If she’s shy, try a more intimate, subtle approach. The take from this – make the proposal specific to her personality and taste.

We can understand, we have just put a lot of pressure on you, but we are here to help. Here are a few tips that might help you deliver a Yes-worthy proposal speech.

1. Pick the Location:

The location is just as important as the ring! For a traditional approach, choose a five star restaurant and propose during desert. Pair your proposal with champagne. If you’re a goofball who likes a little attention, opt for something totally outrageous like a flash mob or on stage at a concert. For more private, reserved couples, plan a well thought out treasure hunt at her favorite outdoor park or in your house. Just the two of you. Other popular ideas include boat rides, mountain hikes, ferris wheels, or on the beach during vacation (don’t forget to spell out “marry me” with seashells in the sand).

2. Pour your heart out:

As clichéd as it may sound, every girl wants to hear how she makes you feel. You may not be a big fan of words and prefer showing affection only through your actions, but this time around, you will have to speak up. And not just speak; leave her with absolutely no reason to reject. Don’t just tell her you love her, show her.

3. Tell her how she brightens up your life:

Start by making a list of reason why you love her and why you want her to be your wife. Incorporate 2 or 3 of those reasons into your speech, even if it is as insignificant as her brushing her fingers through your hair before you go to sleep. Include every detail in the speech that makes you fall in love with her all over again, don’t hesitate. She needs to know!

4. Keep it short and simple:

Most girls go into this zone when they are proposed to. They barely hear half of what is being said as they are either in shock, or they’re already planning a wedding in their head! Why waste the moment with some Shakespearean mumbo jumbo when she won’t even remember half of it? Keep it to three to four sentences. The best part, you won’t have to spend too much time memorizing it!

5. Be YOU:

You may dress up but don’t act differently. She wants to see the man she is going to marry in her eyes and not some fictional character proposing to her. After all, she fell in love with you and it is only fair that the same person proposes to her. If you’re more reserved and traditional, talk about family values. If you’re a couple of faith, speak to God’s plan for the two of you. If you’re a goofball whom she fell in love because you make her laugh, include a joke in the speech! Put in as much of your personality into the speech so that she really knows that it is genuine.

And that is it! You will have a proposal speech ready in no time. Once you have it prepared, rehearse it a couple of times so that you don’t stumble on words and make it awkward for her. But don’t over rehearse as it might take the emotion out of it. It should feel like the perfect fusion of a prepared yet heartfelt proposal speech.

Need ideas on where to pop the big question in the coming fall? Read our Top 10 Places to Propose In Fall/Winter for the perfect backdrop locations.

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The Perfect Match (Our Favorite Matching Engagement Ring Sets)

Find a partner…

Fall in love…

Ask for their hand in marriage…

Plan a proposal…

Pick an engagement ring…

Many people have a hard time picking an engagement ring for their beloved. They know that whatever they are going to pick will be loved by their fiancé, but even then, they want to pick out something that truly makes their partner happy. Engagement rings are a symbol of love. It is like taking the next step forward in a relationship. They are a promise made between two people that better things are coming. They will help build their relationship stronger, gain more trust and make their commitment towards each other more genuine.

If buying an engagement ring is going to be your very first introduction into the world of jewelry, we believe you will need some help in picking out the perfect ring that resonates with your partner’s personality. But before we do, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What kind of jewelry do they normally wear?
  • What is their take on the ideal amount of sparkle or “bling”?
  • Do they prefer platinum or silver?
  • Do they like more gaudy jewelry or more simple and elegant pieces?
  • Do they like to show off their accessories wherever they go or to whomever they meet?
  • Do they often wear their birthstone or special gemstones?

These questions will help narrow down your search and cause less panic as soon as you enter a jewelry shop.

Once you enter your nearest Sylvie authorized retail store, you will be overwhelmed by the many cases of engagement ring settings to choose from – in the shelves, in the cabinets and on big display LEDs. The salesperson will show you different pieces after asking you a similar set of questions to those we mentioned above. Out of all those pieces, you will have to pick the perfect one. But why just pick an engagement ring when you can buy a whole set –an engagement ring and matching wedding band together?

Introducing Matching Ring Sets:

Wait… What is a matching engagement ring set? A matching engagement ring set, more commonly known as a bridal set includes two rings (an engagement ring and the wedding band) that have been beautifully integrated to complement each other. These are purchased as one and takes out the stress of trying to find the perfect wedding band in the same color scheme, ring size and design. Couples who opt for these no longer have to worry about the wedding band complimenting the engagement ring. Looking for one? Every Sylvie engagement ring has a matching band. Here’s a few bestsellers we recommend below.

Our Bestselling Engagement Ring Sets at the Sylvie Collection:

Rose Gold Halo1. Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone Accent with Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band:

This may seem like a strange combination to some of you as the metals aren’t the same. But long gone are those days when they had to match. In today’s world, more and more couples are opting for different colored metals which is what makes this combination one of the most top-rated, bought and viewed combination at the Sylvie Collection.

Designer Antique Inspired Halo Diamond Engagement Ring2. Designer Antique Inspired Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with Vintage Hand-Engraved Diamond Wedding Band:

This is ideal for brides who love anything with a vintage charm. The wedding band is hand-engraved which makes the intricate embroidery of diamonds on the setting even more special. As for the star ring, the round centre diamond sits beautifully on the ring setting with a single halo encapsulating it that flushes further down the shoulder of the ring where it becomes more detailed. It’s no wonder couples have their hearts on this one as soon as they come to pick a diamond engagement ring.

3. Diamond and High Polish Spiral Solitaire Engagement Ring with a matching wedding band:

This one a more modern take on a classic solitaire engagement ring. You may notice how subtly the two bands cross over each other without being too loud or gaudy. The overall look poses as a carefully designed piece, ideal for those who are looking for something contemporary when it comes to engagement ring sets. You can also opt for full customization by choosing a different metal, color or accompanying wedding band, but we believe it is perfect just the way it is. After all, it is a bestseller for some reason!

Other Combinations That Might Interest You:

Enhanced Cushion Halo Engagement Ring with Classic Diamond Wedding Band

Designer Engraved Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring with Hand Engraved Vintage Diamond Wedding Band


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The Perfect Match (Our Favorite Matching Engagement Ring Sets)

Modern Engagement Rings for the Modern Bride

Today, brides are ditching the old-school unadorned solitaire engagement rings and opting for more contemporary designs to match their modern ideals. Like their minimalist approach towards everything, their jewelry is also becoming minimalist and stylish.

Long gone are the days when heavy bands were all the rage and center stones were as big as a beach pebble. Today, the art of attraction lies in the quality of the craftsmanship and not so much the price. People are willing to pay more for the setting even if the ring has a smaller center diamond.

With a wide range of modern engagement rings available, it really takes time and consideration when it comes to picking the right one. How can one narrow down their options when every design shouts sleekness, style and timeless elegance?

As a woman, we understand your plight. We get it when you can’t choose between a cushion halo and a vintage inspired ring because they both look so beautiful on your finger. We know how it must feel when you have over a dozen different engagement ring settings to opt from and you can’t make up your mind. We understand why intricacy matters more than just the metal.

But isn’t that what makes modern engagement rings worth all the hype? Their clean, unique, and less ornate style?

Let us help you in picking the perfect modern engagement ring for you. Once you make up your mind as to what you really want, we are going to list some featured suggestions at the end of the post for you to browse.

Features of Modern Engagement Rings

The Cut:

Since modern rings are all about sleekness and elegance, no cuts depict that better than a classic round or princess cut diamond. Not a big fan of sharp edges? You can have them toned down to give your princess cut a cushion-cut feel.

Colored diamonds

Unlike vintage inspired engagement rings, modern rings limit the choice of colors. You can always go bold with rubies or sapphires instead of diamonds or choose colored diamonds, but what makes modern rings unique is their simplicity and nothing does it better than a clear colorless white diamond.

The metal:

Most modern engagement rings feature white gold or platinum as it they are considered a neutral shade in the band of silver. You can, however, go for more subtle metals such as rose gold.

The style

All modern rings have minimal accents. Their straightforwardness and sleekness is what sets them apart from other diamond engagement ring styles. The idea of a modern ring is to not overwhelm it with intricate detail and embellishments.

The price

The price of your modern engagement ring lies in the same bracket as other rings. The overall cost will depend on the level of customization. Pricing is also determined by the weight of the setting, the choice of metal and the amount of detailing that goes in the ring.

So What Did We Learn?

When picking a modern engagement ring, look for a setting that matches your personal style. If you are a traditionalist at heart, opt for a simple band with a pave diamond setting. If you are fashionista, try a bold spiral setting or a three-stone ring with additional princess cut stones. Next, choose a flattering cut that looks good on your fingers. The best thing about round or princess cut centre stones is that they look best on all finger types. Lastly, set the ring on your choice of metal. Go for white gold if you are sticking to convention and opt for something other than silver or yellow gold if you want to add some color.

Our Absolute Favorites at Sylvie Collection:

As promised earlier, here are some great spins on the traditional modern engagement rings for you to choose from. Feel free to get in touch with us to talk about the many options of customization to make it truly yours.

  1. Classic Round Diamond Engagement Ring
  2. Classic Three-Stone Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
  3. Unique Diamond Spiral Solitaire Engagement Ring
  4. Diamond and High Polish Spiral Solitaire Engagement Ring
  5. Stackable Round Engagement Ring with Detailed Milgrain Band

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Finding the Perfect Solitaire Engagement Ring – What to Look For

No matter what other designs or settings you’ve been introduced to, a solitaire ring will always have a timeless charm of its own. Ever since their inception, solitaire engagement rings have been a favorite among the masses and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Even today, 75% of all diamond engagement rings sold are solitaires with round cut diamonds. They are perfect for women who are traditionalist at hearts and want nothing but the center stone to be the star of the show.

What Makes Solitaire Engagement Rings so Timeless?

  • They are easier to manufacture
  • More affordable than other settings
  • Easier to modify
  • Never go out of style
  • Adaptable for multiple diamond shapes and sizes
  • Allows the center stone to receive as much light as possible.

Finding the Perfect Solitaire Engagement Ring – What to Look ForThings to Look For in a Solitaire Engagement Ring

1. Band

The first thing to look for in a solitaire engagement ring is the thickness of the band. When choosing a band, always try to match it with your soon-to-be-fiancée’s personality. Does she like it plain or would she love an engraved quote on it. Additionally, pick the color wisely so that when you need to shop for the wedding band, you don’t have a hard time.

2. Setting

There are three different settings you can opt for when picking a solitaire engagement ring. Each has their own distinct appeal so it is up to the buyer to decide which one to opt for.

  1. A prong settingholds the diamond either from four or six sides. It is the most conventional form of setting and also the most popular among brides.
  2. A tension settingor tension mount is also labeled as a floating setting as it pushes the diamond upwards. The overall impact is open and airy. The only downside is that it uses the whole ring to support the suspended diamond.
  3. Lastly, we have a bezel settingthat is also known as a flushed setting. In a bezel setting the metal surrounds the gems from all sides leaving no room for a suspended look. They are low maintenance rings as there are less chances of a loose diamond.

6. Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond will determine the final look of the solitaire engagement ring. There are many different diamond shapes to opt from. These include round, pear, marquise, oval, emerald, asscher or radiant cut diamonds. Choose wisely as the diamond shape sets the overall tone of the ring. Some cuts like an oval, marquise and pear give an impression of a bigger ring whilst round, and cushion cuts give the impression of refined pieces but in a smaller size than a pear, oval or marquise shape.

7. Diamond Cut

The way the diamond is cut determines how beautiful it will look in the ring setting. The many facets and angles determine how light will be reflected off the top. It may be hard for a common man to spot the difference between a quality cut and a poor cut; the reflective light will always give a hint. When looking at multiple diamond cuts, ask the salesperson to let you look at one under a gemological microscope to compare between the diamonds that shine the most and those that don’t.

8. Metal

Last, we have the metal. The metal on which the solitaire setting is based determines how long it will last before it starts to wear down. Silver and platinum are the most commonly used metals. Platinum has the potential to last longer and also limits the wear and tear, which is why it is more expensive than silver. But these two aren’t your only options. You can opt for metals like yellow gold, rose gold or white ash gold too. All of these are a contemporary take on the traditional metals and allow some color and personalization. Rose gold rings in particular, are becoming very popular among brides as they offer a subtle pinkish glow to the band.

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Make It Special with a Split Shank Engagement Ring

A split shank engagement ring setting is unique because the metal band of the ring splits into two (or more) places before meeting the center stone. The stylish gap left purposely in-between allows for just a touch of skin to show. The split shank makes any ring appear wider and substantially bigger. The split is usually adorned with a band of diamonds. Split Shank engagement rings are most commonly seen in vintage-inspired engagement rings. Still wondering if you should you choose a split shank engagement ring over a  halo, solitaire or a three-stone ring? Below are some convincing reasons.

The Benefits of a Split Shank

A Balanced Setting:

A split shank makes for an ideal engagement ring for a number of reasons. First, they help to proportion the ring in cases where the center stone is too heavy on the finger or sits awkwardly. Such rings can be more uncomfortable to wear, and since most soon-to-be brides want to show off their ring, wearing one 24/7 might become an issue without a split shank.

Allows Cleavage:

Next up, the split allows for some cleavage between the ring and the finger, which again is something that makes it unique.

Make Smaller Diamond Cuts Appear Larger:

A split shank engagement ring makes the center stone the star of the show. No matter how small the centre stone is, a split shank will make it appear larger. It happens due to the reflection from the diamond bands on the split shank which makes the center stone look bigger.

Offers uniqueness:

No design other than a split shank allows additional bands of diamond to glamorize the plain-looking shoulder of the ring. It allows for two bands of smaller cut diamonds to cascade towards the end of the ring. If that isn’t unique, then what is?

A Number of Variations:

As we discussed earlier, what makes a split shank ring the perfect design to pop the big question is its countless variations. One can opt for a unique gemstone cut, a particular shape, a different setting style or have more smaller diamonds incorporated into it. The customization of variations allows for it to become a one-of-a-kind piece. So, what are these variations we have been talking about? It’s time we take a look.

  • width of the splitSplit count:Although the most popular is a single split shank on the ring, as shown in the picture, one can also opt for multiple split shanks to increase the overall weight and dazzle of the diamond engagement ring.
  • The width of the split:The most common is a narrow split that separates close to the centre of ring, however, a wider split can also be opted for to add some uniqueness to the ring.
  • Width of the shank:One can also opt for a narrow or wide split of the shanks but the key to remember is ensuring that the resulting split remains proportional. Otherwise, it won’t sit right on the finger of the wearer.
  • Depth of the splitThe depth of the split:Again, you can even customize how deep a split you want. Wider splits allow for a wider band of diamonds around the ring’s circumference. More diamonds equal more glitz, so if you want your engagement to sparkle the most, go for a wider split.
  • The shape of the split:Most conventional split shank engagement rings have straight lines; however, one can also choose convex or concave curves to bring more uniqueness to an already outstanding design.
  • Center stone Attachment:Finally, there is also the option of opting for a different centre stone setting. If you wish to create the illusion of a floating diamond, try joining the edges of the split shank together. If the goal is to maximize the attention of the center stone, try aligning the split shank close to the center stone to increase its perceived size.

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A Single, Double, or Triple Halo, What Is Your Fancy?

Each day, we come across great customized designs of halo rings worn by our favorite celebrities and we can’t resist but have one for ourselves too. Halo rings are meant for those who like some supplementary bling and if you are one of them, this blog is for you.

Halo rings are beautiful and splashy with the ability to make even the smallest of center stones look bigger. A halo ring setting can be defined as the one in which the center is captured by a band of smaller cut diamonds that contrast and reflect light. The action allows the viewer to take note of the center stone or diamond easily. A halo engagement ring can have three different variations –single, double or a triple halo.

Single HaloSingle Halo:

A single halo ring encases the centre stone with a single outer ring of diamonds. It is usually the first choice of brides who like to stick to something traditional and vintage. It speaks of sophistication, elegance and class at the same time.

Double HaloDouble Halo:

As the name suggests, this one has two bands of smaller-cut diamonds surrounding the centre stone. This of course, offers a glitzier effect as more light is drawn to the center stone. This is a popular choice among brides who don’t want to go big with the center stone but are still looking for a little more dazzle. Double halo engagement rings not only make as great engagement rings but also as presents for special people in your life as they depict a perfect balance between elegance and sparkle.

Triple HaloTriple Halo:

A triple halo engagement ring encapsulates the center diamond with three outer bands of smaller-cut diamonds as shown in the figure. This is perfect for those who are looking for the maximum bling yet don’t want to spend too much on their center stone. You may notice in the picture that the center stone isn’t as big as the ones in the pictures above, yet this ring seems to be bigger. Why? It is because the three outer bands of smaller-cut diamonds make it appear bigger, heavier and glitzier.

Now that we have looked at the many variations of a halo ring, let’s move on to how one can customize it to match their own preference.

Customization Options for Your Halo Engagement Ring

  1. Make Any Gemstone As The Centre: There was a time when we all wanted a sapphire ring with a single halo around it like the one worn by the late Princess Diana, didn’t we? Now you can do the same and choose a gemstone other than a diamond as the center stone and have a set of halo diamonds around it. The different colored gemstones will make the ring more contemporary.
  2. Choose Different Stones As The Halo: You don’t always have to choose diamonds for your halo. You can also choose other gemstones such as rubies or sapphires but of course, keep in mind that it will add to the overall cost of the halo engagement ring.
  3. Customize The Diamond Shape: Who says a round or princess-cut are the only shapes you can go for? If you really wish to stand out from the norm, try going for cuts like the heart shape, a pear, marquise or an oval shape.
  4. Customize The Color of The Metal: You can either go with platinum, rose gold, yellow or gold. Rose gold is perfect if you wish to add that romantic edge. Yellow is ideal if you want it to stand out and platinum or gold will keep the overall look more refined.
  5. Go For A Pavé Band: Another way of customizing your halo engagement ring is by going with a pavé band rather than a plain one. A pavé band will add more sparkle to the halo engagement ring.

5 Ways to Boost Sales with Facebook in 2017

Trying to use Facebook to increase sales can be a bit intimidating. It’s always changing! “How many likes do I have,” “do people like our pictures,” “how much traffic did it bring to our website?” These are all common thoughts that may be going through your head when trying to use Facebook as a lead generation tool. After all, two billion people are active on Facebook daily and you want a piece of the pie! How can you use this tool in ways you haven’t already tried? That is the question we’re ready to answer. 

1. Create eye-catching content
First and foremost, INVEST IN YOUR IMAGERY! If you haven’t already noticed, stale catalog images are out, and real life images are in. If you haven’t already come up with a new strategy for your photography, now is the time. The amount of attention you receive on Facebook depends entirely on the quality of the image or the video you are promoting. Is it one of a kind? Is it beautiful? Is it MEMORABLE? Would it make me want to buy it? These are all questions to ask yourself before hitting “publish.” Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think if the post is really worth it.

Soon to be brides have their eye out for the perfect ring. By posting one of a kind pieces you are bound to build a relationship with a future MRS. If you aren’t sure what is a successful post in your market, perform an A/B test, an in-depth competitive analysis, or even use Google pay per click advertising to gain in depth analytics on which images have the highest return for you. Once you’ve found the most engaging photo, use it in a paid ad to garner even more exposure. Be sure to include both off page advertising and boosted timeline posts. Boosting posts alone on your timeline will not yield as high of a return on your spend.

2. Video, video, video! 
We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, video is king! If you’re not already frequently posting videos, consider setting aside a small production budget for still photography generated video content or even low budget motion content. A paid ad with video is ten times more likely to garner clicks than a boosted photo.

Facebook LIVE is another great tool to use when it comes to real time video. Choose an employee on your staff that is passionate about your products and loves to show them to the world! This person should be articulate, authentic, and really shines on camera. Use this tool to build excitement during events such as trunk shows or after receiving new products. For best practices using Facebook LIVE, click here. 

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can now post a cover video on your business page? Click here for a great tutorial!

3. Hashtags are KEY
Hashtags are a way for people who don’t follow you to see your products. They are one of the most important elements of your post. Get creative, be bold, and have a little fun with it. But also remember to create a staple or “branded” hashtag that is unique to you and your business. With every post you put out there, make sure to include your staple hashtag. Look out for trending hashtags to use on your posts as well. It will take your image so much further. To find hashtags relevant to your industry or store name, use tools like hashtagify.me!

4. Engage with buyers
The most important part of any company is their customers. A happy customer = a successful business. Don’t just open the app, publish a post and then close the app for the day. Engage with your clients; if one comments, reply or like their comment. If someone has a request or a question, answer in a timely manner. Ever seen Facebook “suggest” a page? Well, Facebook “grades” your page on EVERYTHING and just like in school, high grades yield high rewards. 

Explore what others have tagged you in and comment on that post to make them feel loved! Share the photos you are tagged in, your brides will be THRILLED! Give people a “follow” if you like their content, and hopefully they’ll follow you back too! Great customer service and high engagement will lead to more purchases, plus you’ll have fans for life. 

This can’t be stressed enough. Add your logo or watermark on to all your posts so that when your customers see the image, they’ll know right away where it is coming from and who posted it. Pro Tip: Everything you post on Facebook should be shared on other social media sites as well. Try being consistent on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc. to increase the chances of your photo going viral.

Other tips to help boost your sales from Facebook include:

  • Install your Facebook pixel to receive in depth analytics on who is coming to your website from Facebook and why. Using tracking pixel also shows you how effective your ads are and can allow you to set up conversion tracking to monitor your return on investment.
  • Lookalike audiences: do you have a list of email subscribers? Input that list into Facebook to create a lookalike audience JUST LIKE THEM that you can market your next ads to. That way you know you’re reaching the same type of people you commonly do business with.
  • Events: Always list and promote your events on Facebook. Believe it or not, Facebook has TONS of tools to use that help promote events and THEY WORK like a charm!

By doing the recommended steps above, you can easily increase your social media exposure and potential sales through Facebook. It’s all about branding, efficiency, consumer engagement, and having a SMART content strategy. Be on top of your Facebook page at all times. I mean… who wouldn’t want to look at pretty pictures of jewelry all day? Ready, Set, GO! 

Pearl Birthstone – Interesting Facts about the Pearl

Pearls, unlike other gemstones are part of a living organism. In fact, their very birth is a miraculous happening.  We come across many gemstones that are either a combination of different metals or stones that are hidden deep down the earth’s mines and caves, but not the pearl. Pearls take birth in the shell of an oyster in the lost kingdoms under water. Oysters do not float on the surface, so to harvest them, divers must search the depths after waiting years for the pearls to be formed.  But what makes the pearl such a popular and prized treasure? The answer is their raw beauty. Other gemstones require some polishing and finishing but not a pearl. No such treatment is needed to bring out its beauty. They have in them a lustrous soft inner glow and shimmering iridescence that makes them unique when compared to many other gemstones on planet earth.


A pearl starts as a parasite or a foreign object that finds its place in the shell of an oyster accidentally. Its lodging inside the shell triggers the self-defense mode in the oyster. Since it’s a parasite, it is termed as an irritant by the oyster. To counter its impact, the oyster begins secreting a crystalline smooth substance around it. This can go for years until the whole of the irritant is covered in a hard crystalline substance called the nacre. The layering of nacre encapsulates the irritant completely giving it a silky finish which makes it glow naturally. That is how a pearl is born.

Interesting, isn’t it? But that is not all, here are some even more interesting facts about the pearl everyone who wears one either in the years or as a princess necklace around their neck should know:

  • Pearl is not a true mineral but is still classified as a gemstone. It is the only gemstone that is harvested from a living organism. For any mineral combinations to be classified as gemstones, they must be mined from within the earth’s crust. The reason pearl is still referred to as a gemstone is because it is composed of nacre, calcium carbonate and mineral calcite.
  • Not all pearls harvested from oysters are gem-quality, in fact, only a few good pearls at a time can be found among many oysters. The ratio of finding natural, gem-quality pearls is 1 in every 10,000. This makes them an incredibly rare gemstone. There was a time when the demand for pearls was so high that it led to severe depletion due to over-harvesting.
  • Did you know that the color of the pearl depends on the color of the shell of the oyster it comes from? The substance nacre is organic glue which can have multiple pigmentation such as grey, yellow, blue, orange, pink or green. So, there is no way of knowing what colored pearl will be harvested until the shell of the oyster is opened.
  • Cultivated pearls are harvested from mollusks instead of oysters. It is a misinterpreted fact that as soon as the pearl is harvested, the mollusk dies. This is not always the case. The reaping doesn’t kill the organism and the pearl can be replanted in the same organism as a parasite to form more pearls.
  • No two pearls are alike; every pearl has its own imperfections making it one of a kind.
  • All the oysters that bear pearls are born female and change their sex when they are three years of age. It is then that they are transformed into females.
  • It is a public fact that in 1916, one of the most renewed jewelers, Julius Cartier purchased the 5th Avenue store by trading two pearl necklaces for the space.
  • All the pearls today are cultivated or cultured. The natural harvesting was of the peals was compromised by tsunamis and water pollution, making it harder for the oyster to grow a sizable pearl in its natural habitat.
  • Lastly, did you know, Cleopatra VII once dissolved a pearl in her cocktail and drank it because she had made a bet with her lover Marc Antony that she can spend 10 million sesterces on a single meal? Now how’s that for a main course?

To learn about the history of the gemstone and what makes this the birthstone of people born in June, read our other blog here.

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Our Top 10 Love Quotes

Love can never be suppressed. It is that ever-blooming feeling which turns individuals into hopeless romantics. They, for the first time, start understanding the lyrics of the songs they spent their whole life listening, they start to acknowledge how even an insignificant or coincident touch from their lover can send a thousand shivers right to their souls, how their smile could make the world a better place… It turns them into poets, and their every morning begins with their lover’s make-believe kiss and ends in their imaginary cuddles…

If you can relate to any or all those feelings and your missing your beloved, here are some heartfelt quotes from the greatest of authors who, using their words, tried to express the feeling of love. Whether they succeeded to capture its entire essence or failed miserably, we leave it up to you to decide.

If you haven’t already told them how you feel, let us give you an opportunity to do so. At Sylvie Collection, we have over 1,000 ideas in the form of precious diamond jewelry to say I love you.

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8 Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Whether your taste or your financial situation that has changed over the years, if you are looking for means to upgrade your engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place.

You may have fallen head over heels in love the moment you first saw your engagement ring, but if you’ve had a change of heart, you don’t need to feel ashamed or uneasy. Our preferences change all the time. You may dislike some of your favorite movies now just because you came across something much better and even more spectacular. The same way, with so many new trends and intricate designs for engagement rings today, you may feel the need to have it upgraded.

But is it right to have it upgraded? Isn’t it a symbol of love and devotion from your partner? What if they feel bad?

Of course, it was and still is a symbol of love, but if you do not feel the same connection with as you did before, perhaps a little upgrading will make you love it again. That sounds like a win-win to us!

So what can you do?

Here are 8 ways to upgrading your engagement ring.


Swap your stone:

A stone swap(smaller or bigger) can completely change the look of your ring. Since the center-stone is the focus of everyone’s attention, this is the easiest way of makinga noticeable change. Not to mention, a bigger diamond will add more sparkle to your everyday wardrobe!If this is the change you want, have your local Sylvie Retailer evaluate the ring and see if a bigger or smaller diamond can be adjusted on the same band.

Add Complimentary Diamonds:

Elevate your solitaire by adding a pair!

Another option for upgrading your engagement ring is to add a set of complimentary diamonds on the shoulder. A band of smaller-cut diamonds will amp up the glitz and add more depth to your ring. Keep in mind that additional diamonds can also add to the overall weight of the ring, so be sure you can handle the extra pressure with ease. Take it a step further by experimenting with colored stones. A set of sapphires on each side can really take your breath away! The best thing about this form of upgrading your engagement ring is that you can not only choose different stones but you can also go bold with different cuts, shapes and sizes.

Add Another Halo:

If a big-sized center stone is out of your budget, you can simply make it appear bigger by adding a halo of small cut diamonds to encapsulate the center one and make it appear much larger.

Customize the band:

Is the band feeling uncomfortable or dated? How about adding another complimentary band? This will bring some more depth to the ring, increase its presence and comfort.

Re-think the cut and shape of your stone:

Many a times, it isn’t the bland shoulder or the color of the band that is the problem. The problem is the shape of the center stone, you may have loved a traditional round cut solitaire 10 years ago, but if you are more of a princess-cut woman today, have it upgraded accordingly. Trust us, no harm will come out of that.

Refinish the metal:

If your budget does not allow for a new diamond or an embellished setting, you can still upgrade your ring by refinishing the metal. Sometimes by simply upgrading to a different finish or even a matte or brushed texture you can create a significantly different look. Don’t like the look of yellow gold on your hands anymore? Have it finished into something more versatile such as platinum, white or rose gold.

Get it engraved.

This is another budget friend adjustment you can make to your ring. It may not change the look as much as you want it to but perhaps it can bring new meaning to the piece.

Pair it with a New Band

If any of the customization or upgrading options are not within your budget, the best way to update your ring is to pair it with a trendy new stackable wedding band from our stackable collection. Mixing metals adds a fashionable and more modern look to your wedding set.  Click here for examples. (https://www.pinterest.com/sylviecollectn/band-together/)

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Ruby Birthstone: What Sets It Apart From Other Gemstones



Every month has its own gemstone. They are called birthstones for a reason. For centuries, people have separated out one or two for each month. Their decision to pick a special birthstone for each month lies in the belief that each birthstone offers something special to the individual.

But how did they become associated with each month and who decided them?

Historians believe that the birthstone can be traced back to the Bible. Moses had set forth directions to design separate ornaments for Aaron in the Exodus 28. In the Bible, it is also mentioned that a breastplate containing 12 gemstones was ordered to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. It was also requested that these 12 gemstones be linked with the zodiac signs which was when they became associated with the twelve months of the year.

These gemstones were known to possess man healing, physical and spiritual properties as explained in folklores and myths. They were regarded as magical stones that brought good luck.

July was assigned the Ruby birthstone.

There are few things in this world as eye catching as a ruby.With the color of crimson and shine of a diamond, the ruby is a beautiful stone composed of the mineral corundum. Its vivid red color sets it apart and makes it captivatingly exquisite. The word ruby comes from the Latin word “rubeus”. In Sanskrit, ruby means the “king of precious stones” and we can see why.

But what makes the ruby birthstone unique? It is not the color or the rarity, what truly sets a ruby apart are the many properties they possess:

The Acclaimed Properties of the Ruby

  • Rubies are known to ward off the feeling of depression and fatigue.
  • It is known to awaken passion in life, (not necessarily only sexual). It breeds creativity and imagination whilst stimulating motivational forces to truthfully guide the individual towards his/her goals.
  • Rubies promote and boost one’s self-esteem, energy levels, spiritual wisdom and intuition. People who are born in the month are considered loyal and pure like the gemstone itself. It represents good fortune and is a symbol of vigor in life.
  • The psychic benefit of ruby includes dream recall. It is most beneficial on attaining lucid dreams.
  • Ruby is known to protect against any evil such as lighting or unhappiness.
  • Ruby is also known to alleviate guilt from one’s self and help restore a positive view towards life.
  • Ruby also reduces the fear of evil and paranormal activities. It shields against any physiological or paranormal attacks.
  • The darkness of the soul can also be alleviated in one who wears it. Legends have it that it does so by showing the way out.
  • Lastly, there are numerous medical benefits of rubies. Rubies have been known to help women with regulating their menstrual flow, reducing menstruation pains, treat sexual dysfunction, infertility, early menopause, during pregnancy in older women, optimum formation of the baby in the embryo and other gynecological operations. In general, they are known to treat cases of arthritis, skin disorders, heart problems, blood pressure issues, infectious diseases, fever, weight deregulation etc. It helps stabilize blood pressure, raise the body’s temperature, increase vitality, stimulates the spleen, adrenal glands, aids problematic blood circulation in the legs and feet, speed up the process of detoxification and promotes overall healing of the body.

All in all, it can be said that July’s birthstone promises its wearer all the good things in life be it health, good fortune or the will to follow a passionate ambition. They make great as gifts for all occasions special as engagement rings.

At Sylvie Collection, we have a wide range of designs that cater to the exchange of gemstones instead of diamonds. Stop by your local authorized Sylvie Collection retailer to view the entire collection and make a ruby statement of your own.

Our 5 Best Selling Diamond Fashion Rings

Jewelry, particularly diamond jewelry, has always been an important part of our cultural identity. Many ancient cultures have long resonated gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies with different mystical powers and most of those philosophies have remained true to this date. The history dates all the way back to our ancestors who had been wearing some form of jewelry for as long as we can remember. In previous ages, it was in the form of feathers, bones, sea shells etc., whereas in today’s world, it has transformed into a much more sophisticated form of artistry. One of those being diamond fashion rings.

Most of us see our favorite fashion rings online or in our mainstream fashion magazines. But sadly, when one says fashion rings, they are often referring to costume gemstones, imitation design and rings built with low cost metals. If so, shouldn’t it then be called unfashionable rings?

Traditionally, fashion jewelry or fashion rings do refer to costume jewelry that uses a silver band instead of gold and cubic zircons or crystals as center stones instead of diamonds. But tradition isn’t always right.

Thankfully today, when one talks about fashion jewelry they are referring to more playful rings that can easily be worn on different occasions to compliment any outfit.Today, fashion rings can be any form of ring with a slightly less conventional aura about it. They are meant to be stylish, hip, casual or even meant to make a bold statement. Witnessing its success, especially with the millennials who are ditching old customs and setting their own benchmarks, diamond fashion jewelry is becoming more and more in demand. Even many brides of today are demanding something other than a classic round solitaire ring unless they are true romantics at heart.

This was reason enough for us to launch our collection of fashionable diamond rings, each depicting a different style, ring setting and cut. What options does Sylvie have for you? Take a look for yourself.

Best Selling Diamond Fashion Rings From The Sylvie Collection

Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring

This is a vintage-inspired take on a diamond ring in rose gold, its features a center diamond stone encapsulated in a filigree style milgrain frame. The center stone is enclosed in a halo of smaller cut diamonds which then extend further to form graceful swirls that shape the ring into an antique-chic romantic shape. The final halo that forms the boundary of the ring is an oval-shaped structure of shimmering diamonds on a split shank. The complete weight of the ring is 0.75 carat which isn’t too heavy on the finger. Lightweight and bold, this ring was once featured in Vogue and has become one of our most coveted fashion statement pieces among stars such as Kesha and Kelly Rowland.

Rose Gold Fashion Ring with Diamond-Lined Marquise Pattern

This next rose gold diamond ring is another glamorous piece that can be worn day or night. Add this piece to any cocktail dress and you’ll have a polished effortless look. This is a modern take on the traditional marquise design where several diamond studded web-like accents form the ring. Featuring a split-shank that joins the four bands together into one single band, this masterpiece weighs .57 carats in total.

Unique Modern Diamond Fashion Ring

This is one stunning piece for those who wish to dazzle every single day. These classic free form diamond fashion rings can be worn to black tie events as well as to business meetings with its soft diamond swirl. The overall impact gives just enough of a contemporary look without being too over the top!

Unique Halo Fashion Ring

This stunning diamond fashion ring in white gold is sure to impress anyone from one end of the room to another. The abundance of shimmering smaller cut diamonds are arranged beautifully into several marquise shaped halos surrounding a brilliant oval center stone.The pave diamonds cascading down the split shank band add an even more elegant touch to this already stunning and bold statement ring.

Yellow Gold Diamond Band with Swirl Flourish



Another one for the modern girl on the go! This is a subtle take on diamond fashion ring with a swirl of paved diamonds cascading down a versatile yellow gold band.

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How To Tell If He’s About To Propose

How To Tell If He’s About To ProposeLadies, ladies, ladies… Has your man been acting out of the ordinary lately? Maybe a little nicer than usual? Is he making secret phone calls, talking excessively about the future with you, acting nervous, saving up, subtly asking you to take a leave from work and go on some exotic vacation?Even helping you with chores or acting all nervous when caught red-handed on the phone?

Your first instinct might be that he is cheating on your with someone else, but that isn’t always the case. Most guys depict similar symptoms when they are about to pop the big question. Yes, he is going to ask you to be his lawfully wedded wife. Don’t believe us? Here are 8 signs that he is going to make it more than just Facebook official.

Your Partner is insisting on going on a trip together

The most common way of proposing involves taking a partner on a vacation. So if your video-game addicted boyfriend has just shown an interest in going on a vacation together, know that something fishy is going on. Furthermore, if he is the one taking control of it such as making hotel reservations, or planning the itinerary, he is definitely going to propose, so do pack some photo worthy (and sensual) clothing choices.

He is talking about the Future

Thismay seem weird depending on the age of your partner, as most guys try to get out of such questions. However, if he is keen on knowing how many kids you would like to have, where youwould like to live or what youridea of the perfect husband is, chances are, he wants to propose. Extra hint * If he starts asking about your extended family.

Everyone starts bringing you spa vouchers

Especially for a discounted manicure package, but your hands look fine.Besides, you just got one last month and didn’t plan on going again for a while. But no, everyone from your friends to your siblings are insisting that you get one ASAP! Hmmm…

He goes shopping but doesn’t bring anything back:

So you want to go out for the movies but he cancels the plan saying he has some shopping to do that you can’t assist him with. But when he comes back home, there’s not a single shopping bag in sight. When you inquire, he says that he left at a friend’s place or didn’t find what he was looking for. Days pass and those shopping bags never arrive. Yep, he just went engagement ring shopping and didn’t tell you!

He seeks help from your besties

He’s been looking to your squad to perform recon on you. After all, this is the easiest way to get information about the kind of engagement ring you would want. So if you notice that one of your close friends who isn’t married or engaged has started probing questions about the kindofjewelry you like (rings in particular) it might be a sign that you will soon be getting engaged.

He Gains a Sudden Interest in Jewelry

If he is the kind of a man who makes you laugh with his funny faces and jokes most of the timeand all of a sudden,he hasstarted talking aboutsomething as seriousas “what kind of jewelry you like”, “what metal you prefer” or “what is your birthstone” etc., take the hint. If you succeed in reading his mind and come to knowof his plan, don’t pop his bubble! If he wishes to keep it discreet and surprise you, let him do it!

Your ring goes missing

You are getting ready to go to a cocktail event and decided to wear your grandma’s vintage ring to go with your outfit. You look for it in the jewelry box as you remember putting it there a few nights back and all of a sudden, it isn’t there! After surviving a mini heart attack, you gather up the courage to tell you boyfriend that your ring has been stolen and that you should report it to the police. But instead of complying with that decision, he suggests otherwise and tells you to wear something else. Extra hint * When one of your closest girlfriends suddenly asks to borrow a ring! Sound fishy? It probably is!

You catch him spying Your Pinterest Board

If you have a Pinterest board dedicated to modern or vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands and you find him surveying through it not just once but multiple times, know that something is up. Whyelsewould hebe looking at your engagement ring board specifically if he wasn’t planning a proposal and browsing through the styles you like?

If your partner is showing any of these signs, you may want to prepare for an unforgettable day because that proposal is right aroundthe corner! Once you’re engaged, be sure to check out our article on how to have a great engagement photoshoot.

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How to Build Your Own Snapchat Geofilter!

“Did you snap it?”, “hold on, let me snap this”, “snapchat that to me”… these are all common phrases you’ll hear today from savvy millennials who love to share photos of their every day lives. And we love them for it! Snapchat is a fun, quick way to share photos with your friends. The best part? Photos disappear after 24 hours unless you save them to your camera roll! This “real time” mentality allows for users to post more frequently and more enthusiastically. It’s all about “capturing the moment.” But as retailers, where do we come in? After all, we’re not hosting parties for millennials, we’re hard at work behind the counters!

Well, don’t worry, there’s many things retailers can do to jump on the snapwagon… one of them is to create your own snapchat geofilter! Imagine a couple is shopping and taking “snaps” of all your gorgeous rings, what if there was a filter with your store’s name on it that they could use!? Or perhaps, they have just purchased something, how about a “selfie” using YOUR branded filter!? Here’s how to make it happen: 

Step 1 – Visit the Snapchat Geofilter Website and click on “Create Your Own Geofilter”

Step 2 – Click on “Business” filters for events, restaurants and businesses. This will take you to the page where you will upload your artwork.

Step 3Upload your geofilter! You can create one yourself or design one online using Snapchat’s design tools. If you’re building your own, be sure to use a transparent background. The dimensions should be 1080 x 1920px. Luckily, Snapchat also gives you templates to use here.  Do not use hashtags, contact information like URLs, and social media handles, as well as photographs of people, as these are not allowed in filters. You can however, use your LOGO or other fun creative elements. If your store has a color scheme try incorporating some of those as well.  

Step 4 – Once you’ve uploaded your graphics, you’ll be asked to choose the dates you want your Snapchat filter to show up. This is perfect for trunk shows or other events! Or if you want to just want to run the filter for a peak season, you can do that too!

Keep in mind, the longer your filter is up, the more expensive it will be, so choose your dates wisely! For long term filter options, you’ll need to add that on when you place your order. The non-refundable annual plan will automatically renew at the then-current price. Long term filters include benefits such as reporting, ability to change the creative as well as a discounted annual price.

Step 5 – Think about where you want your Snapchat filter to show up and draw your geofence using the Google map. Snapchat will estimate the cost of your filter based on the perimeter you choose. Test your filter in certain areas to start, then you can consider expanding into nearby locations.

Step 6 – SUBMIT and PAY! Once you’ve submitted your filter you will receive an e-mail letting you know that your filter is under review. 

Step 7 – Use your filter! Promote your filter! Remind your customers that your story has a fun filter to use, this will make their experience even more enjoyable and they’ll love how “fancy” you are! Share your images on social media too for a little extra exposure.

* Don’t forget, you can add your “snapcode” on your advertising to gain new followers. For even more fun things you can do with your snapcode, check out this article.

Step 8 – Check your metrics, was it successful? Snapchat provides basic usage data such as the amount of views, impressions and conversions. Impressions occur when consumers view your filter in their “filter options” by swiping. Conversions are the amount of times your snap filter was actually used, sent and cataloged on someone’s photo. Views occur when someone has viewed your snap being used either in a friend’s photo or on a story.

There you have it. That’s not as difficult as you thought it was, huh? Happy snapping!






How To Ask Her Father For Her Hand

How To Ask Her Father For Her HandSo the time has come and you’ve decided to man up and confess your feelings to your loved one! You know she or he is the one. After all, she’s been there for you, took care of you,and even helped you get through your occasionalemotional crises. There are hundreds ofreasons why you believe she is the one for you, and you can’t wait to start the rest of yourlife with her. You’ve passed the point of worrying when or how to propose and there’s just one thing left to do…. impress, or shall we say, “ask permission” from her father before you pop the question.

The tradition of asking her father for permissionmay be fading away from the western world but there are those that still honor this timeless tradition, so we thought we would help you out! These tips can be applied whether you’re asking a mom, a sibling or even your partner’s children for permission.

Many couples today seek for the blessing from the bride or groom’s family out of respect. The approval doesn’t really matter, it is just the act that counts as both the boyfriend and the father knows that even if he rejects the proposal, there is very little stopping them if they really want to get married. Besides, the approval is usually expected with a smile and “welcome to the family” hug.

Whether it’s expected of you or not, asking her father for permissioncan be a nerve-racking process for many of our Sylvie suitors.Sometimes, the father seems too intimidating or is caught off guard if he didn’t know the relationship was serious. Both situations can be very tense, which is why we’ve put together these tips to help you control the situation and ask her family with confidence.

Talk It Out With Your Girlfriend First:

Before you go asking her father for her hand in marriage, it’s best that you first talk it out with your girlfriend. Ask her about how herfamily feels about traditions, do they follow them or expect others to follow them etc.? Who knows, maybe you can evenget out of it if the family doesn’tbelieve in such traditionsand you can avoid the nervousnessall together! If that’s not the case and the family does favor a traditional blessing,then the first thing to do is find out who to ask. Her mother? Birthfather? Stepfather? You may even need to ask more than one family member to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. Next, question her about her father’s nature. Is he easy-going or a bit conservative? That will help you plan how formal or informal your proposal should be.

Include Other Family Members:

Although the tradition still holds that the groom asks the bride’s father, you can go a little modern with this depending on the family dynamic. Make it fun and special for everyone! Try including her mother, her siblings and her friends too when asking for her hand in marriage as these are all the mostimportantpeople in any girl’s life. Asking for everyone’sblessinginstead of just her fatherwill make a lasting gentlemanly impression and will win you that “fiancé of the year” award you’ve been after.

Choose The Right Words:

When it comes to pitching the proposal, be thoughtful with your words. It should be from the heart but not too rehearsed to the point where you need index cards. Try incorporating a personal story about the firsttime you saw her or how happy she makes you so that they can truly see that you value her. This isn’t a property purchasing contract, so be sure to make it as personal as it can be. The most important thing is to ensure that your words convey your loyalty and your true intentions –of loving their daughter today and forever.

The Little Tidbits:

Be on time and bring something along for the whole family such as flowers or a bottle of wine. Start the conversation with something interesting so they all are attentive to you, make mental notes of which point to say first. Pro tip * Make sure to clarify your financial standing as family members can often see this is a huge concern when it comes to their child’sfuture and wellbeing. They’ll appreciate you giving them peace of mind. If you would like, you can even ask that your girlfriend attends by your side for moral support etc. Are all some insignificant but important things to note.

Additional Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t just ask and run, stay for a while and use this as an opportunity to get to know her family members, otherwise they’ll think it was just a formality for you rather than a genuine request.
  • Do dress to impress
  • Don’t assume they’ll say yes, stay humble.
  • Do make it fun! Remember how much thought you put into proposing? Be creative! Try a fun scavenger hunt! Give them clues until they find a message that says, “May I marry her?”
  • Don’t talk too much. Once you’ve given your speech and asked them for permission, listen openly and attentively to their feedback or concerns. If it’s a quick “yes”, break out the champagne and celebrate. Otherwise, let them talk.

Think you’ve got it? Leave us comments or tell us your story below!

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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

A man enters through the gliding doors of a jewelry store –a place he has never been to before. He immediately feels out of place thanks to the stacks of diamond jewelry staring back at him. But he knows what he must do. With pressure rising, he is then greeted by a store manager who promises to help him find the right ring for his soon to be bride. Trusting the man’s word and expertise, the man thinks not all heroes wear capes and tells him he is ready. And then comes out not one, not two but 5 different ring cases each with at least 30 dazzling engagement rings to choose from. To the man, they all look the same but as soon as the salesperson starts pointing out the vast differences, the man realizes what an overwhelming situation he has gotten himself into.

Sensing the man’s dilemma, the salesperson then asks a few questions about the wearer to find the perfect fit. Not long after answering all the right questions, he walks out of the store with a small shopping bag filled with a diamond engagement ring in a beautifully engraved case. He then calls up his girlfriend, tells her that they are going out on a date night and after the dessert, he bends down on one knee and pops the big question. The lady, seeing the unimaginably beautiful engagement ring says yes and everyone in the restaurant claps.

Doesn’t that sound like a cute story?

But do you realize what made all the difference? What if the man hadn’t found the perfect engagement ring? Would he have been able to propose? What was the missing piece to finding that perfect piece?

The personality of the woman! Choosing an engagement ring is difficult but only if one doesn’t have an idea of what they are looking for. Some wish to have something timeless and vintage, while others want something more modern or edgy. Some want something unique while others just wish to follow the latest trends. Whichever style or metal you choose, know that it will reflect your personality.

Here is a brief guide about the many different diamond cuts that say something about your personality.

Round or Halo:

Whether you wear rugby t-shirt or a floral dress, elegance is your maiden name. Round shaped engagement rings favor brides who have sophisticated taste but are also traditionalist at heart. Round stones are timeless, effortless, understated and never try too hard. So if she you’re naturally charming and elegant, you’ll love a classic solitaire or round halo. Need some guidance? Here’s some:Amazing tips for choosing the perfect halo engagement ring.

Round or Halo

Pear Shaped:

Also called a teardrop shape by many, the pear shaped engagement ring is a bold fusion between the oval cut and marquise. This unique diamond cut is for those who like the idea of being tied up in marriage but also love their independence. Women who wear pear shaped engagement rings loves to stand out from the crowd and are dominant in nature. They like to play by their own rules but wouldn’t mind a partner either.


A princess cut engagement ring is for a millennial woman with a cool-girl facade. Extremely versatile, this girl is fearless and adventurous yet still loves to get dolled up. It’s edgy glamorous look is for brides who have a young, modern sensibility but also wants to show off their girly side.


A cushion cut is a fusion between the round cut and a princess cut with soft, curved edges. This diamond cut is the classic definition of romance and fairy tales. This bride is sophisticated, practical, elegant and driven towards her goals both in life and in love. The bride who looks for romance even in the smallest of deeds. Brides who are devoted to tradition and glamour, this ones’ for them.


Marquise shaped engagement rings are for the glamorous, bold and outgoing girl. The women who are larger than life themselves and love to be the star of the show. Brides who lead an exciting, drama-filled life and love to keep their partner on their toes. They want everything to be ideal. They get a little finicky when things don’t go their way, but it’s all part of their charm. 


A retro-inspired cut, this one is for ladies who like to lead a daring and adventurous life. They embrace the unexpected with delight and are very confident in the person they are marrying. The skydiving “yes” girls who never backs down. This is a bride who will stick up for others and is a natural born leader. They are also perfectionists so one can expect that all the details at their wedding ceremony will be flawless.


As if the name doesn’t speak for itself already, the radiant cut engagement ring reflects light in a beautiful way. All those women who don’t want to completely give up the traditional matrimonial touch opt for a radiant touch cuts. Women who confidently wear a radiant cut are playful and like to be kept entertained all the time. They are always looking for something new and interesting to learn about. They hate dull moments in their lives and expect their partners to always give their best shot. 


You might think heart shaped engagement rings are for the young at heart, the sweethearts, or the girliest of girls. And although that might sometimes be the case, this shape is for women who act razor-sharp on the outside but are much more romantic on the inside. They may give their colleagues tough time at work or try to control every situation, but they love to cuddle in your arms as soon as they get home. 


We all went gaga when Carrie Bradshaw wore an asscher cut engagement ring in the Sex and the City. If this woman is wise in the ways of the world and carries herself with elegance and boldness, this ring is for her. These women are often more mature, and prefer a bit of flash in front of a crowd, and they wear it with confidence. Like every true fashionista, this woman is always one step ahead.

Still need some more advice when it comes to choosing the perfect ring for her? Don’t worry we have got a few. See how to choose an engagement ring that will wow her and know what she truly wants!

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Metal vs. Metal: White Gold vs. Platinum

It’s not just the diamond, the cut or the setting that makes any piece of jewelry unique and elegant, its metal band also plays an important role in its beautification. With the choices of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, silver, titanium etc. it becomes almost impossible to pick one. The two most readily-available and admired are White Gold and Platinum.

But which to pick?

Metal vs. Metal: White Gold vs. Platinum

White Gold vs. Platinum

Before we get on with the battle of the metals, let’s start with knowing a little bit about them in depth.

Platinum is a harder, rarer and heavier white metal. It is a naturally occurring metal and is used in its purest form, making it slightly more expensive than other metals.

White gold on the other hand, is an alloy of gold, slightly yellowish in color and comes in a number of different weights based on their purity. One can purchase a white engagement ring in 14, 18, or 9 carat gold.

Differences in Costs

Although, you may not find much difference in the prices of both, platinum is a bit pricier than white gold. There are several reasons for it; for starters, platinum is denser than white gold which means more material is used to produce it. Secondly, the alloy used in platinum is purer, in fact, 95% of alloys are platinum itself. An 18-carat white gold band uses only 75% of white gold. Thirdly, platinum is more difficult and delicate to work with, it can easily burn which is why a skilled jeweler is required for the job. Lastly, platinum can’t be reused or re-melted like white gold. All the scraps from the ring must be sold to a refiner.

Difference in Durability

A Platinum engagement ring lasts longer and is much stronger compared to a white gold engagement ring. Why? It’s because platinum loses less weight after day to day wear and doesn’t get covered in a yellow hue as white gold.

Difference in Serviceability

White gold is easily serviceable –meaning almost all jewelers will be able to repair, resize or re-polish this metal. The risk with re-polishing platinum jewelry is that it can easily burn or cause damage to the center stone. However, if one wants a ring that doesn’t require plating and re-polishing every few years, platinum is what they should opt for.

Difference between Comfort and Fit:

As we have already discussed, platinum is denser than white gold, the density makes it an ever so slightly heavier metal to wear. Many prefer the heavy weight as it keeps reminding them of the love that the ring holds but there are also some who prefer wearing something light. The level of comfort solely depends on the wearer and her personal preference.

Platinum is slightly stronger than White Gold:

Since white gold is an amalgamation of several different metals, it isn’t as strong or durable as platinum. When we say stronger and more durable we mean that the prongs on a platinum engagement ring won’t break or loosen,therefore increasing the chances of the center stone breaking free.

Platinum Is More Likely To Be Scratched:

Since platinum is a softer metal than white gold, it can be stretched more easily as compared to a 14-carat gold metal engagement ring. But keep in mind that when white gold gets scratched, the gold is lost forever. In comparison, when platinum gets stretched, the platinum just shifts from one place to another, causing a patina finish.

Final verdict:

Although both metals bring charm and elegance to the finished piece one can see that platinum is a more superior metal for a reason. It is still cost-efficient, yet durable and stronger compared to white gold. Therefore, if we were to pick a winner, platinum wins the battle by just a few more points.

Now that you have decided which metal you will opt for when going to choose a ring for her, here are some ideas to ensure the proposal is a success.  Read: The best proposal ideas that will make an impression.

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How to Tell If She’s Ready to Marry You

Women can sometimes seem very illogical and unpredictable. There are hundreds of funny memes and Gifs solely dedicated to these two thoughts. Their “no” means “no”, their “yes’” means “no”, their “maybe” means “no”, their “what if” means “no”. Proof of this female notion was expertly portrayed in the movie The Notebook where Noah asked Allie what does she want and she said “I don’t know!”

It’s no secret that most women wish to get married to their prince charming. They have been dreaming about it since the moment they watched their first-ever Disney fairy tale movie. But does she want to share that dream with you? Is she ready to marry you? Does she see you on that white horse coming to sweep her off her feet and take her to a faraway land?

That is the real question, isn’t it?

Well, if you are unsure if she thinks you are husband material or not, here are some signs to look for! If you’ve noticed 3 or more of these signs recently, she is ready for marriage.

She Is Open To Discussing Marriage:

She likes having conversations revolving around the good and bad of marriage. She understands the responsibilities that come with being a lifelong partner and starting a family and she isn’t reluctant to take them on. She discusses with you her idea of a successful marriage. She thinks of it as a long-lasting bond that ties two people together forever in love. Think about it, if she weren’t interested in marriage or getting married to you, wouldn’t she have avoided that discussion the first time you brought it up? Her avoidance would have been a red flag that she isn’t ready to marry you.

She Treats You Like Family:

If you have been dating for a long period of time, chances are that you might have already introduced each other to your respective families. A clear sign would be her inviting you to family dinners and get gatherings, and taking you as her plus-one to weddings. All these activities show how invested she is into the relationship. Furthermore, she shows interest in participating in events celebrated by your family as well. She gets along well with your siblings, gives and takes shopping advice from your mother and is your dad’s favorite.

She Wants Your Opinions on Kids

If she has causally mentioned children in a few of your conversations and asked you if you’re willing to take on the role of a father indirectly, she is trying to envision you as a husband. If she seems eager and excited about the idea, it means deep down she wishes to get married soon and start a family  – with you! Who knows, she is the one thinking “Is he ready to marry you?”

She Stops To Look At Wedding Dresses:

Whether she’s out shopping with you or with a girlfriend, she can’t seem keep her eyes off those bridal gowns boutiques. She occasionally stops by to admire the intricate detail work or the dream train each dress has. How obvious can she be by doing that? Don’t waste any more time before telling her how beautiful she would look in it. In fact, just kneel on one knee right then and there and surprise her in the most unexpected of ways.


Gentlemen, if your girlfriend is showing all these signs, it is time for you to get down on one knee and propose. She is ready to marry you! But you may ask yourself, how to propose? Well, lucky for you we have an article with plenty of ideas right here. While you’re at it, make sure the Sylvie Collection diamond engagement ring you pick leaves her speechless. Here’s how to choose the best ring for you.

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History of the Diamond

When a man is ready to propose, he presents his prospective bride with an engagement ring embedded with one of the most beautiful stones in the world – a diamond. The very tradition of engagement rings originated in Rome when a woman was made to wear a ring on the left hand’s finger with a key in it, to indicate her ownership.

Today, diamonds may have become the most preferable choice of stone when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, but that wasn’t always the case in history. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamos” which means “I subdue” or “I tame” in literal sense. Its adjective was used to refer to the hardest substance on earth and not so later, became synonymous to the stone itself. Ancient Romans believed that diamonds were god’s tears that fell from above.

The history of the first diamonds dates to India where they were first discovered some 3000 years from today. These shiny stones were then transported into neighboring countries like China via what was known as the Silk Road, where people tried to trade them in exchange for goods and gifts. Diamonds were valued and admired among the masses and soon many started writing verses about its beauty, brilliance and strength. Some said it could ward off evil, while others wore them as adornments. Some said it could cure illness while others claimed it could win battles, some said it could counter the impact of astrological events while other protested that it heighted their sexual prowess. Many believed that diamonds provided protection in battles while others used them as cutting tools. To say the least, it wasn’t long before the word spread and the French soon came to hear about diamonds as well.

Until the 18th century, India was believed to be only source of diamonds. But soon after the diamond mines were depleted, the quest for other sources began. Some small deposits were found in Brazil in 1725, but it wasn’t considered enough to meet the population’s demand.

A decade later, more deposits and mines were discovered in South Africa, increasing their demand drastically. Following suite, Australian, Siberians and Russian didn’t rest until they discovered their own diamond resources.

A 15-year old boy named Erasmus Jacobs in 1866 discovered an ordinary pebble he decided to keep as he was exploring the banks of the Orange River. Shortly after, it turned out that what the boy had was a 21.25 carat diamond. As soon as the discovery made next day’s headlines, diamond prospectors rushed in to the area and in 1871. A colossal deposit of diamond was then unearthed on Colesberg Kopje – a shallow hill. In the next few years, the first-ever large-scale mining operation called the Kimberly Mine came into existence. Surprisingly, the Kimberly Mine also resulted in the decline for the demand for diamonds. Since they were abundantly available, elites stopped considering them exclusive or a rarity and began adorning most of their jewelry with rubies sapphires, and other colorful stones.

De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. – a new company formed by Cecil John Rhodes in 1880 to control the supply of diamond. Although, his ideas and efforts did control its demand, it had already hit rock bottom. Its value continued to decline and by the end of 1919, they were being purchased and sold at half the price. As a last attempt to help the stone regain its lost elegance and class, DeBeers got half of a leading advertising agency ion 1947 to rebrand the stone with a new slogan “diamond is forever”. The emphasis of the marketing campaign was that diamonds should be the only choice when it comes to engagement rings. The long-scale promotional campaign was an instant hit and did its part in making diamonds what they are today.

As of today, 78% of all engagement rings sold worldwide contain diamonds. Not only does it look beautiful, it has established itself as an ever-lasting symbol of romance, love, and commitment.

If this has you interested, we have an amazing collection of diamond jewelry just waiting to be picked. Here is an “How to” post for Engagement Ring Buying Guide for Beginners.

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A Mother’s Day Gift That Will Be Hard To Top

From bringing us into this world, to looking after us when we fell sick, from preparing us for our first day at school and crying all the way when coming back home, from baking us delicious treats to chanting at our smallest successes – mothers have done all in their power to ensure that we grow up into the beautiful men and women we are today.

So when it comes to buying a gift for the most important person in your life, it isn’t as simple as picking out an outfit. You want to gift her something that is unique, will come in handy, and stillhassentimentalvalue. If you are thinkingsomething like an apron, a personalized gift that says “mom, I love you” or a foot massager, let us be the first to tell you it is 2017!Gifting traditions are changingand the mothersof today deserve something much more special than that, as they must put up with you and your nonsense (just kidding!).

Mom deserves something special, and we’ve got the perfect gifts for her this Mother’s Day!She will want something timeless, something elegant, something she can holds close to her heart, something that shouts love.Call it cherry picking from a thousand other gifts, unlike Mel Gibson in the movie What Women Want, we really do know what women want. It’s diamond jewelry.

Youmay not be able to buy a mother’s love but you can buy her diamond jewelry and that’s basically the same thing, right?

Elegant Free-Form Diamond Fashion Ring

A sleek and elegant design that makes the wearer’s finger look longer, these come embedded with an array of small cut diamonds that weigh .3 carats in total. This is especially for those who have a great sense of fashion and love to embrace modernity. Although not heavy on the hands, it attracts everyone’s attention and will make all the other parents jealous.

Diamond Fashion RingSquare Diamond Pendant in Rose Gold

A chic and exquisite diamond necklace featuring 20 small cut round diamonds sitting on a rose gold square pave with matching rose gold chain. It serves as a perfect gift for ladies of all ages. The long chain makes it wearable for day or night. When paired with its matching ringbelow and earnings, it makes for an ideal Mother’s Day gift set.

Square Diamond Pendant in Rose GoldSquare Pave Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

A little different form the contemporary round rings, this is an all-time favorite. The modern setting on rose gold band makes everyone stop and admire. Each of the 20 diamonds in this trendy rose gold pavering can be a reminder of some good times you spend with her and just how much you love her.

Square Pave Diamond Fashion Ring with Diamond-Lined Marquise Pattern

With a single band that goes on to branch out in six smaller bands; each band features a dazzling strip of diamonds, perfect for all occasions. Its unique setting makes it versatile for any day or night time look.  It weighs .57 carats in total which doesn’t feel like a burden on the finger. Its intricacy and boldness at the same time is what makes it a timeless piece she’ll love to have in her jewelry box.

Fashion Ring with Diamond-Lined Marquise PatternSquare Diamond Earrings in Rose Gold

Featuring pave diamonds, these 14k diamond earnings are both playful and unique. When paired with its matching pendant and ring, they make for a perfect gift set, especially for the trendy mom on the go.If mom prefers classic white or yellow gold you can also find more show stopping studs by clicking here.

Earrings in Rose GoldChic Stacked Diamond Ear Climber

Ear climbers are one of the hottest trends of 2017. If your mother has a flair for fashion, no other gift will top these –guaranteed. Featuring a stack of round-cut diamonds on silver, these earrings are the gift you’ve been searching for this Mother’s Day. These earrings weigh .14 carat in total which is as light as a feather. But don’t be fooled by its sheer size, these dazzling diamond earrings reflect light beautifully, grabbing everyone’s attention. If mom prefers a more classic look, click here to see more shapes.

Chic Stacked Diamond Ear ClimberLooking for some tips on how to choose her the perfect gift? Do read: A Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift: Diamond Fashion Jewelry. Also, if you are looking for something more unique than these, we recommend: Our Top Ten Sellers That Make A Perfect Gift.

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