Flower Engagement Ring

Flower Engagement Ring
For the feminine bride who loves to be outdoors and feels a connection to nature, our flower engagement rings might be just the perfect ring to help grow your love.
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For the bride who loves to be outdoors and feels a connection to nature, our floral engagement rings might be just the rings for her. Our flower engagement rings can mean so many different things, but one thing we do know is that flowers bring happiness to many just like a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

A flower engagement ring captures nature’s beauty and symbolize your blossoming love in a single piece of jewelry. Flowers are arguably the purest, most natural symbol of beauty, and incorporating their delicate designs into a diamond-studded engagement ring not only shows appreciation of nature, but also appreciation of the beautiful love you both share.

There are so many flowers to derive inspiration from that can make for some unique and feminine flower engagement rings. Perhaps the petals represent aspects of your life together, or qualities you admire in one another; on the other hand, the entire diamond floral setting can symbolize your love—its delicateness and everlasting beauty. If there is a floral design that she loves or a flower in a bouquet that you have always bought them, a floral engagement ring or a floral halo engagement ring could symbolize the special moments in your relationship and the love that you have for them.

There’s just something so enchanting about flower engagement rings. Perhaps it’s the intricate designs that form floral-inspired shapes, or the way the diamonds bend and flow with the metal to create a beautiful floral figure. Either way, we know that flower engagement rings are among the most stunning engagement ring styles! Floral halo engagement rings are also more unique when compared to a halo or solitaire engagement ring.

If your loved one wants an engagement ring that is one of a kind and different than the norm, then a floral cut engagement ring might be perfect for them. Compared to other floral halo engagement rings, our floral engagement rings will add a unique twist to an otherwise simplistic ring. Like a halo, but with more adorning details, our flower engagement rings will make your stone appear larger. With a beautiful diamond serving as the center of the “flower”, our floral engagement rings will have you blooming with delight.

Featuring a wide variety of rings with floral-inspired halos, our flower engagement rings range from vintage and classic, to modern and unique. There are many details you can add like mixed metals, different size diamonds, and even mix and matched shapes, to make for a more unique and customized floral halo engagement ring. If her favorite flower is a lily with white and light pink petals, you can go for a white and rose gold engagement ring that’ll be a perfect match. With our flower engagement rings, you’ll always carry with you the symbol of beauty and happiness. When customizing flower engagement rings with different shaped petals and/or a unique center stone, you can add intricate details that will make for a more enchanting flower cut engagement ring.

There are many ways to incorporate the details of a flower into an engagement ring. Notes of filigree design on the shank is a good representation of a nature-inspired engagement ring. As well as engraved engagement rings that incorporate vine or leaf details that may add to the look of an otherwise simplistic floral engagement ring. If your loved one wants an engagement ring that stands out in the crowd, the more detail and embellishments you add, the more unique her floral engagement ring will look among the rest.

Changing up the setting, metal and even color of the stone, can all make for a floral engagement ring that is personal to your loved one. Prong settings are the most popular when it comes to flower engagement rings but incorporating a bezel or even a cluster setting can make for a floral engagement ring she’ll love. Instead of incorporating various clusters of petals though, a great way to highlight the floral aspect of the engagement ring is to incorporate mixed metals. Using a base of white gold will mesh well with colored gemstones to make for a subtler yet unique floral engagement ring.

The beauty in our flower engagement rings comes from the uniqueness of the setting and the placement of the diamonds. The versatility of a floral engagement ring brings your own personal symbolism to light in each one that is designed. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that is romantic yet versatile, then a floral engagement ring is just what you need to show her how much you love her.