Flower Engagement Ring

Flower Ring

For the feminine bride who loves to be outdoors and feels a connection to nature, our flower engagement rings might be just the perfect ring to help grow your love.
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Round Flower Engagement Rings

Flower Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Flower Engagement Ring – Michaela – S1727-042A4W10RF
Vintage Bezel Set Halo Engagement Ring  Sylvie
Vintage Bezel Set Halo Engagement Ring – Joella – S1214-064A4W10R
Split Shank Engagement Ring
Spiral Split Shank Engagement Ring – Meline – S1714-043A4W10RC
Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo
Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo – Anaelle – S1704-063A4W10R
Flower Halo Engagement Ring
Flower Halo Engagement Ring – Lilian – S1085-020A4W10R
Flower Engagement Ring with Halo
Flower Engagement Ring with Halo – Fleurette – S1399-50A4W10RC

Oval Flower Engagement Rings

Floral Inspired Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Oval-Cut Flower Engagement Ring – Michaela – S1727-042A4W10OF
Oval Engagement Ring
Oval Engagement Ring – Candide – S1876-031A4W20OF
Flower Engagement Ring - Jori
Flower Engagement Ring – Jori – S1976-029A4W20OF

Marquise Flower Engagement Rings

Flower Engagement Ring - Jori
Flower Engagement Ring – Jori – S1976-031A4W20MQF

Flower Engagement Rings

Love is a lot like a flower, it grows and blooms over time and if you don’t take good care of it, it could wilt. So what better way to show your love then with a unique flower engagement ring? There are so many beautiful flower design engagement rings that Sylvie has created just for those who love a floral feminine motif.

Whether it’s a flower halo or a floral inspired filigree band, Sylvie is a master of design when it comes to creating femininity and verdancy.

Once you’ve designed a floral engagement ring that is right for you, it’s time to choose the Sylvie flower ring that suits you best from some of our favorites below.

What are the most popular flower engagement ring settings?

There are so many ways an engagement ring can emulate a floral look, whether it’s a petal or leaf inspired halo, or even a band that resembles a beautiful vine! Sylvie has so many choices to choose from and here are some of our favorites:

Rose Gold Flower Engagement Rings

There’s something magical about rose gold, it’s a very versatile and feminine metal color that can match with virtually anything else! So what is rose gold exactly? “Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper. The blend of the two metals changes the color of the final product and its karat. For example, the most common alloy of rose gold is 75 percent pure gold to 25 percent copper, which makes 18k rose gold.” Source: Benari Jewelers

Customizing your flower engagement ring with rose gold will create a completely unique design that is not only feminine and botanical, but also ultra trendy! To browse our beautiful collection of rose gold flower engagement rings visit our rose gold flower engagement ring gallery.

Vintage Flower Engagement Rings

Vintage designs cater themselves so well to a floral aesthetic because the intricate details and antique art deco designs can create some of the most beautiful floral motifs. Sylvie has been known for her modern vintage designs for the last fourteen years and has become a master at her craft when it comes to unique design.  She even won a national award for one of her floral designs, the Lilian engagement ring. If you’re looking for the perfect vintage flower engagement ring, browse our flower engagement ring gallery today!

Halo Flower Engagement Rings

As we mentioned before, a classic halo engagement ring is a beautiful canvas for creating floral inspired engagement rings. The halo can often emulate flower petals surrounding a shimmering diamond center. So if you’re looking for flower shaped engagement rings for sale, Sylvie has a wide selection of beautifully crafted floral inspired pieces for you to choose from, such as our Fleurette ring or the Michaela ring, both made with beautiful floral diamond halos.

Where can I find engagement rings with flower design?

Once you’ve decided that a beautifully crafted flower engagement ring is the best choice for you, you can simply browse ourflower ring gallery and choose which ring best suits your personality such as vintage flower rings or halo flower rings.

After you’ve chosen your ring you can visit any of our authorized Sylvie retailers throughout the United States. Simply click here to find your store using our Sylvie store locator.