Marquise Diamonds

Marquise Diamonds
Marquise Engagement Rings are truly unique! The narrow antique cut of the marquise is both sleek and flattering, while also maximizing your carat weight to give you the appearance of a larger ring.
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If you’re considering proposing, you should look at our marquise engagement rings. Our marquise engagement rings are made with only the highest quality materials and each marquise engagement ring is unique and special, just like the love of your life.

Make your proposal something she will never forget, a moment she will talking about the rest of her life. When choosing a marquise diamond engagement ring you should be thinking out of the box. This unique design is both modern and classic, although best fit for brides who want their ring to stand out. A marquise diamond ring brings the glamour, the sophistication and the fun to your bride’s ring finger and your proposal. Each of our marquise engagement rings go through a 150-point quality check process, so you can count on getting the best ring, no matter which one you choose.

Among the most unique diamond shape, our marquise diamond settings will bring a unique and modern feel to your proposal. This unique yet sophisticated diamond setting brings attention to the center stone with its two points on top and bottom. Like our oval engagement ring, our marquise engagement ring brings that out of the box flair you never knew you needed. You can make it yours with a mixed metal look such as, a rose gold band a white gold halo or added side stones that will bring the sparkle and glamour to her marquise engagement ring. Marquise diamond engagement rings come in all different shapes and sizes at the Sylvie Collection. From floral designs to east to west, our marquise engagement rings are quickly rising to the top.

Our marquise engagement rings can be customized with a split shank or pave band, a halo or double halo, or even a halo made of smaller marquise shapes. With a marquise diamond ring you can think out of the box or design one of our marquise diamond settings that will have a more classic and timeless feel.

At the Sylvie Collection, you can design one of our marquise engagement rings to fit your bride’s personality perfectly. If she is more of a classic bride, you can go with a marquise with no halo on a high polish band or if she is more of an out of the box thinker you can go with a floral marquise with a split shank. The customization options are endless at the Sylvie Collection so that each ring is uniquely special to each bride.

We have a stunning collection of marquise engagement rings that your bride is sure to fall in love with. Our east to west settings is of the most unique and bring that added element of surprise to a marquise engagement ring. A marquise diamond ring will always appear larger no matter the carat size so you can add the sparkle without breaking your budget. If you want to add that unique touch that symbolizes the love you have for your bride, add a little sparkle that’ll last a lifetime. No matter how you choose to style a Sylvie Collection marquise diamond engagement ring, the options to make it truly hers are endless.

If you’re looking for a unique marquise engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. At the Sylvie Collection, we strive to ignite an everlasting love with our marquise engagement rings. With one of our marquise engagement rings, we’re able to tell a unique love story. A marquise diamond engagement ring can feature details such as, milgrain edging, split shanks, halos, & even hand engraving. Customizing a marquise engagement ring with us today has never been easier.

Browse through our large selection of marquise engagement rings and find one that matches your partner’s style and personality. At the Sylvie Collection, our marquise engagement rings represent the over the moon, out of the box true love that you share with your loved one. Just as this engagement ring’s sparkle will never go out, neither will your love.

We have a collection of marquise engagement rings your bride will fall for. Whether you choose to customize one of our marquise diamond settings with an east to west style, or keep it simple with a high polish band, a marquise engagement ring will attract any bride who loves a modern engagement ring with a fun flair. Get her excited with your proposal with one of our sparkling marquise engagement rings. From halos to modern and out of the box styles, a Sylvie Collection marquise diamond engagement ring will captivate you every time you look at them. Browse our collection of marquise diamond settings for unique engagement rings that’ll make any proposal unforgettable.