Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings
Unique and glamorous, pear shaped diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who want something that stands out both in style and beauty.
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Pear shaped engagement rings may seem modern, but the truth is they have been a staple style of engagement rings for years. Unique and classic, pear shaped diamond engagement rings are perfect for those who want something that stands out in style and beauty.

If you’re looking for a glamorous ring, but one that doesn’t break the budget, our pear engagement rings appear larger even with a 1 carat center stone.

Get in the mood for proposing when you browse through our large selection of pear shaped diamond engagement rings, each and every one is designed with love and quality in mind. The Sylvie Collection makes sure each of our pear engagement rings pass a 150-point quality inspection, so you can be sure that every pear engagement ring is made of only the highest quality materials.

Looking for an engagement ring that stands out and makes a statement? Our pear engagement rings are just the ring for your bride to be! They are unique because of their pointed edge yet elegant and classic because of the femininity of the tear drop shape. Our pear shaped engagement rings are a mix of our round and marquise engagement rings.

Pear shaped engagement rings larger because of their elongated shape and if added their sparkling halo. Since our pear shaped engagement rings are like the round shape, they exhibit similar features such as, the amount of light that shines through the diamond. Many women are attracted to Sylvie Collection pear shaped diamond engagement rings because of their modern look and uniqueness. We offer a variety of pear shaped diamond engagement ring that vary from three stones to halos. They look great in any style from vintage to modern, which is why many women look to this style.

Many people wonder which way the pear is supposed to be worn. Although the rule is ultimately up to you, the pointed edge should face the knuckle of your finger. It elongates your finger and allows you to see the tear drop shape right on. With various customization options, you can design one of our pear shaped engagement rings to be uniquely hers. Every Sylvie pear engagement ring setting can be customized to sit east to west where the diamond lays horizontally or even as a three stone with two pear side stones. If your bride to be is looking for a unique and out of the box engagement ring, then a customized pear is the one for her.

Asking the love of your life to marry you will be the best day of your lives and a moment you will never forget. Make it unforgettable with one of our sparkling pear shaped engagement ring settings for your bride to be. With all our customization options, your bride will feel extra special because the engagement ring is designed uniquely for her. Whether you’re planning an extravagant proposal or a night at home together, our engagement ring collection includes various added features and metals to make your pear shaped engagement ring the one for her. Pop the question with confidence with one of our gorgeous pear shaped diamond engagement rings she’ll love.

For brides who are looking for something unique yet classic, our pear shaped engagement rings are the perfect match. Pear engagement rings can give off a vintage feel while still featuring modern elements. For instance, you can add a pave band or a double halo that’ll double the sparkle. Brides want to feel unique and special on their proposal day which is why one of our pear shaped engagement rings would be the perfect addition to your proposal. Although seen as a modern shape, our pear shaped engagement rings date back to the 15th century. Our modernized version of this classic, brings the right amount of uniqueness and tradition to the pear shaped setting.

The way you propose and the ring you propose with is something you and your future spouse will never forget, so make sure you make it count! Our pear shaped diamond engagement ring settings are a classic choice that will get you excited about your future and make her happy too! Start the next phase of your life with a proposal for the books. Whatever style you and your partner love, we are sure we have the engagement ring that you will love that also fits within your budget.