Round Engagement Rings

Round Engagement Rings
Classic round engagement rings are both elegant and timeless. Browse Sylvie’s collection of unique solitaire and halo settings that are designed to perfectly compliment any round brilliant center.
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When you think of classic engagement rings, do you think of round engagement rings? Most people do, and it’s because they are always beautiful and have a timeless feel that most brides dream about. Round cut engagement rings never go out of style, and they look great on everyone.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that can be a simple classic or modern glam, then our round engagement rings are for you. This setting looks beautiful with a single band and a 1 carat center stone or with a split shank and a double halo. There is a variety to choose from when going with a round engagement ring.

Among the most popular diamond shape, our round diamond engagement rings for women should be at the top of your list. This traditional yet stunning diamond setting brings attention to the big bright center like in a solitaire engagement ring. Finding the perfect round brilliant diamond ring can seem overwhelming, but not with the Sylvie Collection. Show your future spouse just how much you love and care about them with one of our round engagement rings. Whatever your style, whatever your budget, we are sure we have something that will get you excited about the proposal and your marriage.

Round engagement rings are the true symbol of eternal love as they are never ending. If your bride to be is looking for an engagement ring that carries classic qualities, but can still be customized to her preferences, then one of our round engagement rings is for her. Spice up your round engagement ring with a modern halo or a sparkling split shank. If you want to add that unique touch that symbolizes the love you have for your bride, add a little sparkle that’ll last a lifetime. No matter how you choose to style our round engagement rings, the options to make it truly hers are endless with the Sylvie Collection.

White or rose gold, pave or a simple band, regardless of the details our round engagement rings are always beautiful! With round engagement rings they give off the lightest out of any diamond cut. The best part about choosing a round engagement ring are the possibilities of jazzing it up with a fun stackable band. You can mix metals, styles, and even add details to it that make it unique and special to your bride. Just because a round engagement ring might be a classic and more traditional, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and on trend. Round engagement rings are one of the most popular diamond shapes because you can add so many details to them that doesn’t overwhelm the setting to make them your own.

If you’re looking for a classic round engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. All our rings are put through a 150-point quality control process that guarantees every ring is of the highest quality and perfectly finished. At the Sylvie Collection, we strive to ignite an everlasting love with our engagement rings. Through our round engagement rings, we’re able to tell a timeless love story. Our round engagement rings can feature details such as, milgrain edging, split shanks, halos, & even hand engraving. Customizing a round engagement ring with us today has never been easier. Browse through our large selection of round engagement rings and find one that matches your partner’s style and personality. Our round engagement rings represent the old-fashioned true love that you share with your loved one. Just as this engagement ring will never go out of style neither will your love.

At the Sylvie Collection, we have a dazzling collection of round engagement rings your bride-to-be will love. Whether you choose to customize one of our round engagement rings or go with a simpler style, our round engagement rings will attract any bride who loves a classic engagement ring with a timeless feel. Bring the romance this season with our round engagement rings that’ll make her feel like a princess. From halos to modern and classic styles, Sylvie Collection round engagement rings will captivate you every time you look at them. Browse our collection of round engagement rings and find one that makes popping the question the easiest decision you’ve ever made.