Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings
Add a personal touch of sparkle and shine with the brightest Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings and Blue Sapphire Wedding Rings from 3 time national award winning bridal designer, Sylvie!
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Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Double Halo Sapphire Engagement Ring
Classic Double Halo Engagement Ring – Angele – S4102-061A4W10R
3 Stone Engagement Ring
Three Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring – Lola – S4111S-67A4W10R
Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Unique Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire – Danette – S1228C01-197D4W
3 Stone Engagementng With Sapphires
Three Stone Engagement Ring with Sapphires and Baguettes – Apolline – S4112S-74A4W10R
3 Stone Engagement Ring with Sapphires
Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring with Sapphires and Baguettes – Adrianna – S4109S-74A4W10O

The sapphire is one of the earth’s most exciting and beautiful precious gems. The Blue Sapphire, particularly, is traditionally associated with love, purity, and admiration. It’s a powerful stone that can propel you with your spiritual growth while also providing strength and release blockages. Some historians and naturopaths even say that the blue sapphire can heal your throat, thyroid, and more as well as have a calming effect on the nervous system. When it comes to engagement rings, blue sapphire engagement rings are a great choice for those who believe in the power of precious gems.

Sapphire engagement rings are highly customizable because sapphires come in endless amounts of different colors and are highly affordable. Colors include pink, orange, yellow, purple, black, and even white sapphire which can also be called colorless.

Where to buy sapphire engagement rings

At the Sylvie Collection, we pride ourselves on being one of the most customizable bridal lines in the market. Any of our 3,000 styles can be completely customized with any size or shape center stones, side stones, and more. You can even change the color of your metal such as 14k, 18k, white, rose, or yellow gold. We also have platinum options as well which can be more durable. 

Many of our customers request to have sapphires adding in the band, the side stones or some even prefer to have sapphire as their center stone as opposed to a real diamond. The options are endless! Once you’ve chosen your design and decided how you want to incorporate your sapphires into your sapphire and diamond engagement rings, you can simply locate your nearest Sylvie collection retailer by visiting our store locator and finalize your purchase in their store.

Why sapphire engagement rings?

As we mentioned before, sapphires have some incredible properties that make them one of the most popular gemstones in the world. It can come in a variety of colors at affordable options and is wildly sought after to create beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement rings. Some fun facts about sapphires that you may not know are below:

A few Fun facts about sapphires:

Epic Strength: The only thing that can scratch a sapphire, is a diamond! Sapphires are one of the strongest gemstones around.

Endless Colors: As we mentioned before, sapphires can come in a multitude of colors, pretty much any color you desire! Just ask your Sylvie retailer! 

Technologically advanced: Some big tech companies have been known to use sapphires in their designs, such as the Apple watch!

The Most Popular Birthstone: Sapphire is the most popular and widely purchased birthstone, especially for birthstone rings. The sapphire month is September. The sapphire is also known to be popular for anniversaries as well so customizing them to create a beautiful sapphire wedding band is also a great choice!

A Royal Heirloom: Some of the most famous royals in the world such as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have touted a beautiful 12-carat oval blue sapphire and diamond ring!

How much are sapphire engagement rings?

Once you’ve decided you want to incorporate sapphires into your engagement ring, you may be asking,  how much are sapphire engagement rings? Well, the answer depends on many things such as the engagement ring that you choose, the carat size, cut and color of your center stone as well as the diamond clarity which are the imperfections of the stone. Another factor that could change the price of your ring is also the finger size. 

Luckily, all of Sylvie’s sapphire engagement rings are completely customizable and affordable. Many Sylvie retailers also offer special financing options for those who have smaller budgets, so no matter the type of engagement ring you are looking for, there are many opportunities to get your dream sapphire engagement rings such as a white sapphire engagement ring or even a bold pink sapphire engagement ring!

One of our most popular styles of engagement rings to customize with sapphires are vintage sapphire engagement rings. You can browse our collection of vintage engagement rings here and then customize them any way you want with sapphires. This will create a vintage sapphire engagement ring that is perfect for you! One of our favorite vintage sapphire rings includes the Danette oval sapphire and diamond ring!

With all of that said, it’s easy to see how sapphire engagement rings could be an excellent choice for you or your loved one. There are so many great things sapphires bring to the table, and the options with Sylvie are endless. Find your dream sapphire engagement ring today by browsing our full collection of designer engagement rings and customizing it with a sparkling sapphire in any color you desire!