Spiral Engagement Rings

Why fall in love when you can spiral into it? Spiral engagement rings signify two souls intertwined in love. Mix metals or add a second row of diamonds to create a unique custom engagement ring she’ll love.
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Round Spiral Engagement Rings

Spiral Engagement Ring  Two Tone in Yellow Gold
Unique Spiral Engagement Ring – Gabrielle – S1703-046A4T10R
Spiral Engagement Ring - Sylvie
Unique Spiral Engagement Ring – Gabrielle – S1703-046A4W10R
Spiral Engagement Ring
Unique Engagement Ring – Naomie – S1136-038A4W10R
spiral halo engagement ring
Two Tone Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo – Coralie – S1724-023A4T10RR
Modern Spiral Engagement Ring
Two Tone Cushion Halo Spiral Engagement Ring – Coralie – S1724-023A4W10RC
Twisted Engagement Ring with a hidden halo shown in white gold
Twisted Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo – Agnia – S1938-039A4W15R

Oval Spiral Engagement Rings

 Engagement ring
Spiral Engagement Ring – Felippa – S1923-049A4W15O
Oval Engagement Ring
Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Scarlett – S1603-038A4W20O
oval engagement ring sylvie-
Oval Halo Engagement Ring
oval engagement ring sylvie
east west halo engagement ring sylvie
East-West Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Isabelle – S2524-024A4W20O

Emerald Cut Spiral Engagement Rings

Spiral Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Spiral Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Ring lvie
Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Halo – Coralie – S1724-023A4W10P

Pear Shaped Spiral Engagement Rings

Split Shank Engagement Ring
Unique Double Halo Engagement Ring – Jocelina – SY260-58A4W20T-DBLHLO
Pear Engagement Ring with Halo
Pear Shaped Engagement Ring with Halo – Alyssa – S1776-082A4W25T

Why fall in love when you can spiral into it? Spiral engagement rings signify your love and how you are both intertwined. They symbolize each of you independently becoming one.

What do spiral engagement rings symbolize?

Spiral engagement rings signify your love and how you are both intertwined. They symbolize each of you independently becoming one.

Two beautiful bands encircle one another, hugging each other close in love and unity. In marriage, your old lives intertwine with your new life together. With a spiral diamond engagement ring, you’ll always have a glittering reminder of the new and exciting life you share. Get her a Sylvie Collection spiral engagement ring that represents the both of you coming together and choosing to spend your lives together forever. With our gorgeous sparkling criss cross engagement rings, she’ll be that person that you hold close just like the bands that hug each other tightly.

What are the different types of spiral rings?

Are you looking for an engagement ring that has intricate details, an out of the box appearance and two rows of diamonds instead of one? Then look no further than our sparkling spiral engagement rings. With such a unique and fun style, your bride to be will fall head over heels for this gorgeous spiral diamond engagement ring.

Some of our favorite styles of spiral rings include:

Mixed metal or two-tone spiral rings: Two-tone spiral engagement rings are rings that have one row of gold in one color such as white gold and another row in a different metal color such as rose gold. To see our favorite two tone spiral setting click here.

Pave spiral engagement rings: Pave spiral rings are extremely beautiful because both rows of metal feature additional diamonds, making this ring extra glamorous. If you want your ring to sparkle from across the room we highly recommend this style of spiral setting.

Floral inspired spiral rings: Sylvie has created a beautiful floral inspired spiral ring with a spiral halo that emulates a flower. Making it one of our most beautiful flower spiral engagement rings. If you’re feminine and flirty this is a wonderful and unique option.

Spiral diamond rings with halos: Last but not least, if you are stuck between a spiral engagement ring and a traditional halo engagement ring, why not have both? Add our signature halo to any of our spiral ring settings to create a beautiful and dynamic ring. Click here to see one of our favorite styles of spiral engagement rings with halos.

Why are spiral rings popular?

With our spiral diamond engagement rings, the bands intertwine bringing a lot of attention to the center which makes it appear bigger like that of a split shank or a halo engagement ring. Spiral engagement rings are also a great option for mixing metals because your bands can intertwine with two different metals creating a look that doesn’t follow the norm. At the Sylvie Collection, your customizable features are endless so start with a solitaire engagement and end with a gorgeous sparkling mixed metal spiral engagement ring that she’ll love.

Spiral engagement rings add a unique touch to your engagement ring without detracting any attention from the center stone. Their exceptional design lies in a spiraled interwoven shank, which can consist of different metals or alternating diamond bands. The spiral engagement ring is sought and adored by many brides because they create something slightly different from the traditional look, but still give the center stone all the attention and sparkle.

As with many of our engagement rings, one of the reasons behind our criss cross engagement rings is to add that uniqueness to an otherwise traditional looking solitaire engagement ring. The spiral bands embellished with different sized diamonds add more sparkle and a little something different that the bride can customize to her preference. The spiral can always be done in various ways such as, a spiral into a double halo, the bands spiraling around each other, and even a spiral embellishment on the shank. The possibilities are endless, which is why this is such a great setting for someone who wants something different.

Take a modern twist on a classic more traditional style with a spiral engagement ring. Our unique spiral engagement rings range from features that include spiral shanks to high-polish and diamond bands. From spiral bands to mixing metals, the perfect engagement ring can be yours at the Sylvie Collection.

For a more traditional look go for a simpler solitaire engagement ring with a single spiral band. For a more out of the box style, go for a mixed metal look with a spiral that continues all around the halo of the engagement ring. Spiral engagement rings are a gorgeous mix of elegance and glamour. They bring any traditional look to life with more sparkle and unique features that most engagement rings.

What wedding bands go well with spiral engagement rings?

The best part about Sylvie Collection is that all our engagement rings come with a matching wedding band. Other types of bands we recommend are pave wedding bands that are more traditional and classic, or any of our stackable wedding bands. Stackable wedding bands are extremely versatile and with our huge selection you can easily find one that will compliment your twist engagement ring.

Our collection of spiral engagement rings includes various diamond shapes and styles, with stunning spiraling shanks to match. They are the perfect twist on many of our other engagement rings. You can add a fun and flirty edge to a dainty and traditional engagement ring. With a spiral engagement ring, the crisscross feature allows you to incorporate milgrain, pave, and more detailed elements into your already beautiful engagement ring.

At the Sylvie Collection, you can customize any of your spiral engagement rings in various ways, but with us you have somewhere to start because our spiral engagement rings already come in a variety of settings and looks. Add some flare to your criss cross engagement ring with this new twist on a classic favorite. Let your bride know that you want to be with her forever with our sparkling Sylvie Collection spiral engagement rings!