Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split Shank Engagement Rings
Split shank engagement rings offer just the right amount of skin showing for an elegant look with a lightweight feel to the band. A beautiful emerald cut or pear shaped center stone is the perfect compliment to any of our unique split shank ring settings.
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Split shank engagement rings can signify two partners with the same goal in mind: true love. As the bands come apart, they travel ever-so-gracefully towards the center stone; once they reach the diamond, they have found one another and come together in love and unity.

Split shank engagement rings can be interpreted as two independent people coming together and falling in love with each other. Split-shank rings are beautiful and profound designs that not only add a striking effect to the rings, but also symbolize a couple’s true destiny.

For the longest time, we’ve seen split shank halo engagement rings become increasingly popular among many modern brides. Our unique split shank halo engagement rings add a modern element that adds a second row of diamonds on the shank. Split shank engagement rings feature a single shank that parts into two as it approaches the center stone. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that has a center stone that appears larger, split shank rings are for you. Known as a band that “splits” into two as it approaches the center stone, a split shank ring can add a dramatic and elegant effect to any engagement ring! Not to mention, it “shows a little skin”. The gap between the two bands allows more emphasis on the center diamond and can make it appear larger and more glamorous. If your loved one is all about two rows of sparkle, a split shank engagement ring gives off just the right amount for them! Sylvie Collection has a broad selection of split-shank engagement rings that feature different diamond cuts, halos, and shank styles.

Split shank rings don’t have to be adorned with diamonds on the shank, but many modern brides go for a split shank engagement rings because they create more areas to add smaller cut or round cut diamonds to the split shank band. In this case, there are two bands now so that means double the rows of diamonds. If you want your center stone to be the star, go with a plain diamond band and make sure the split shank meets closer to the center stone. This will make the center stone appear larger and will leave the focus on the larger diamond rather than the smaller ones down the shank.

Split shank halo engagement rings can be also designed any way you like. For brides who want a more unique engagement ring or are looking for a twist on a vintage engagement ring, the split shank is perfect for them. Although the split shank adds that modern element, you can add a split shank band to any engagement ring for a more versatile look including vintage engagement rings. Such as, a split shank on a solitaire engagement ring or a cushion cut. Split shank engagement rings make for a more modern, unique looking engagement ring that brings the glitz and glamour.

Many vintage styles also feature the split shank. This gives way for more dazzling diamonds on the shank and brings more attention to the center stone. Split shanks can be subtle yet beautiful accent to a halo or vintage style engagement ring. A pave style split shank ring features a larger split shank that adds a more unique look to an otherwise classic solitaire engagement ring. When you have a more obvious split shank down the middle of the band, it creates two rows of sparkling diamonds that enhances the brilliance of your engagement ring.

Some split shank engagement rings even give the illusion that there is more than one ring. All types of split shanks add a certain element of luxury to the engagement ring, but they all vary dramatically. Split shank engagement rings are loved by modern brides who want to add a unique element to their engagement ring. Although the most popular form of a split shank engagement ring is the single split band, triple or multiple split shanks allow for more diamonds and increase the weight of the engagement ring. You can also add a swirl, concave, convex design to your split shank engagement ring. The possibilities of customization when it comes to your split shank engagement ring are endless with us at the Sylvie Collection.