Stackable Engagement Rings

Browse our collection of perfectly crafted stackable engagement rings, each featuring a stunning center diamond of your choice. With a Sylvie stackable ring, the stacking combinations are endless.
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Round Stackable Engagement Rings

Stackable Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Stackable Engagement Ring – Taylor – S1811-026A4W10R
Unique Stackable Engagement Ring
Unique Stackable Engagement Ring – Vida – S2533-012A4W10R
Unique Engagement Ring
Unique Engagement Ring – Valerie – S1859-014A4W10R
Stackable Engagement Ring with Halo
Stackable Halo Engagement Ring – Marion – S1812-024A4W10RR
Stackable Engagement Ring
Stackable Halo Engagement Ring – Loreen – S1816-022A4W10RR
Stackable Engagement Ring
Stackable Engagement Ring – Esmé – S1404-026A4W10R

What are stackable engagement rings?

So you may be asking yourself, what are stackable engagement rings? Well, it’s very simple, stackable rings are rings that you can stack on your finger with other jewelry, particularly other wedding bands! These stackable rings are designed to pair perfectly with hundreds of styles of Sylvie wedding bands or any of your favorite diamond bands.

Stackable engagement rings can come in many shapes and sizes, that’s why stackable diamond rings are so unique! Some of the unique diamond shapes you can find in stackable wedding rings include marquise, emeralds, baguettes, pears, princess cuts, and more! Some of Sylvie’s diamond stacking rings also include intricate metal scrollwork and vintage-inspired details. To find your favorite style click here to view our stackable engagement ring gallery.

How much are stackable engagement rings?

Once you’ve chosen your favorite style, you may want to know the answer to questions such as, how much are stackable engagement rings? Well, the price of stackable diamond rings depends on many factors, including:

  • The type of metal you want your ring made of, such as 14k, 18k, rose, white or yellow gold, and platinum
  • The carat weight of your center stone such as a 1 carat or 2-carat diamond
  • The clarity of your center stone such as shown on the diamond clarity scale here.

Although there are many things to consider when determining the price of your stackable ring, the good news is that all Sylvie engagement rings come in a variety of affordable options that will fit any budget you may have. For a more affordable option, we would recommend an option such as the Chanelle stackable ring which features fewer diamonds in the shank. For a larger budget, we love rings such as the Albertine stackable engagement ring which features more diamonds in the shank and can be made wider or thinner based on your preference.

What makes an engagement ring “stackable”?

Stackable engagement rings became popular due to the fact that brides were receiving multiple wedding bands for occasions such as anniversaries or other large milestones in their lives and they wanted a ring that would match seamlessly with other rings in a “stackable” fashion. Not to mention they make a fabulous fashion statement when paired with each of their own matching bands!

Stackable engagement rings can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most common design elements that make an engagement ring “stackable” are:

  • Various diamonds shapes in one shank such as round and marquise-shaped stones
  • Abstract shapes such as triangles, hexagons, and rhombuses
  • Various sized diamonds in one shank
  • A matching stackable band that gives the illusion of a larger ring

Another element that can really define a stackable style ring is the fact that all Sylvie stackable rings can be paired with their exact matching stackable wedding band to create a completely flush and unique wedding set that will appear as one larger ring.

What does stackable mean with an engagement ring?

Now that you know what makes an engagement ring “stackable,” you can assume that when an engagement ring is labeled as stackable, it means it can pair beautifully with many different types of wedding bands and other rings. For example, one of our best-selling stackable engagement rings, the Chanelle ring, can be paired with any style of wedding band in our entire collection and will look great. Whether you have 1, 2, 3, or even 4 bands with your stackable engagement ring, it will also look flawless and “stack” perfectly!

When you stack the Chanelle ring with its matching band, the wedding set will also appear to be one larger ring, which also makes stackable engagement rings a popular choice for those who have smaller budgets.

Still not sure if a stackable engagement ring is for you? Browse our collection today and see which ring you are drawn to! If you prefer other styles of rings, then you’re in luck, because the Sylvie Collection has hundreds of styles of rings including solitaires, halos, vintage rings, and more!