Two Tone Engagement Rings

Are you someone who loves to mix it up? Two tone engagement rings are the perfect blend of rose, white and yellow gold. Customize the halo, prongs, or even the band of any Sylvie ring in a different metal to add a unique and modern touch.
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Two Tone Oval Engagement Ring- OVlvie
Two Tone Oval Engagement Ring – Jayla – S1633-069A4T20O
Modern Spiral Engagement Ring
Two Tone Cushion Halo Spiral Engagement Ring – Coralie – S1724-023A4W10RC
spiral engagement ring in rose gold two tone
Rose Gold Spiral Engagement Ring – Yasmine – S1524-014A4W10R
Halo Engagement Ring
Classic Cushion Halo Engagement Ring with Yellow Gold Band – Chloe – S1756-050A4T10RR
Vintage Inspired Twone Halo Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Two-Tone Halo Engagement Ring – Cheri – S1409-076A4W15R
Unique Double Halo Engagement Ring
Unique Double Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone – Grace – S1121-065A4K10R
Joanne – Enhanced Halo Engagement Ring Detach
Two Tone Halo Engagement Ring with Two Tone – Jacalyn – S1199-065A4W10R
Spiral Engagement Ring  Two Tone in Yellow Gold
Unique Spiral Engagement Ring – Gabrielle – S1703-046A4T10R
spiral engagement ring in yellow and white gold two tone
Spiral Engagement Ring – Yasmine – S1524-014A4W10R
two tone pear shaped diamond engagement ring - S1944 PS TT-Sylvie
Two Tone Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring – Harmonie – S1944-031A4T12T
Double Halo Engagement Ring
Double Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone – Melodie – S1097-55A4K10RC
Two Tone Cushion Halo Engagement Ring
Cushion Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone – Therese – SY756-28A4T10RC
Unique Split Shank Engagement Ring
Unique Split Shank Engagement Ring – Celia – S1194-043A4K10R
spiral halo engagement ring
Two Tone Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo – Coralie – S1724-023A4T10RR
Double Halo Engagement Ring-
Princess Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring – Melodie – S1097-051A4W10PP
Carmelle – Cushion Shaped Double Halo Engagement Ring with Twone Accents
Cushion Shaped Double Halo Engagement Ring with Two-Tone Accents – Rose – S110046A4K10RCH
Spiral Engagement Ring
Unique Engagement Ring – Naomie – S1136-038A4W10R
Spiral Engagement Ring –TTlvie
Spiral Engagement Ring with Halo – Emilie – SY897-036A4W10R
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring Two Tone – Jade – S1911-38A4K10RCH
Double Halo Engagement Ring
Double Halo Engagement Ring – Michella – S4100-055A4K10R
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring Two Tone – Thea – S1866-090A4K15RRH
Adrienne – Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Halo
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Halo – Chantelle – SY999-044A4W75E
Adrienne – Classic Halo Engagement Ring
Classic Halo Engagement Ring Two Tone – Chantelle – SY999-041A4W10R

Do you want a traditional white gold engagement ring, but love trendy yellow gold engagement rings? Are you having trouble deciding between two different metals? Well, that’s why Sylvie has created a beautiful collection of two tone engagement rings which are rings that are made with two different colored metals such as rose, white or yellow gold.

What are two tone engagement rings?

As we mentioned above, two tone engagement rings are rings that are made with two different colored metals. The metals we use in our engagement rings are rose, white, and yellow gold. We also have platinum as an option as well. So before we go into more detail about two tone engagement rings and two toned bridal sets, let’s first talk about each metal!

  • White Gold – Traditional white gold is an alloy metal that contains around 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc. If the white gold is higher in its karatage, such as 18 karat, it is closer to 75% pure gold. White gold is much more affordable than platinum but also more durable and harder than silver. It’s also the most versatile metal for bridal and wedding jewelry such as engagement rings and bands.
  • Rose Gold – Rose is a beautifully pink tinted gold that is on trend and a favorite among young brides! It’s an alloy made from a combination of gold and copper. The two metals blend and thus the pink color is revealed! Most rose gold is 75% pure gold and 25% copper, which creates 18k rose gold.
  • Yellow Gold – As you can tell by our descriptions above about white and yellow gold, the color of the metal is simply determined by the mixture of metals and gold. Simply put, yellow gold is gold mixed with other metals, for example, white gold has more zinc, whereas yellow gold generally has a higher content of nickel.
  • Platinum – The color of platinum is similar to white gold so it does not look any different than a typical engagement ring you would see in an advertisement. Platinum is a more dense, heavier, and premium metal that will last longer and will not fade over time. 

What makes an engagement ring, two toned, is if the ring has more than one metal featured in the shank, (or band), the prongs, or the halo of the ring. For example, some people like to have white gold prongs holding their diamond, while the band is yellow gold or the other way around. This would make your ring two toned with two different metals.

How can you customize a two tone engagement ring?

The best part about the Sylvie Collection is that all of our engagement rings are 100% customizable in every way! Each ring can be made in any metal, and with any size or shape center stone. Once you have chosen your two metals for your two tone engagement ring setting or two tone bridal set, you can customize it many different ways. Some of these include: 

  • Changing the metal color of the prongs
  • Changing the color of the metal in the halo or hidden halo
  • Vintage Rings can allow you to change the color of the metal in the filigree or even the milgrain beading around the edges
  • Changing the color of the metal in the band
  • If you have a spiral engagement ring, you can often do one part of the band in yellow and another in white, as shown here on our popular Yasmine two tone engagement ring! The same goes for any split shank engagement rings. 

The options are endless when it comes to creating a two tone ring! Once you’ve chosen any style of Sylvie designer ring that you like, you can simply tell your Sylvie authorized retailer which part of your ring that you would like to have in either white, rose or yellow gold and they will make a note in your order.

What are the most popular styles of two tone engagement ring settings?

Two Tone Vintage Engagement Rings

For as long as Sylvie has been creating designer engagement rings, she has always been considered a master of modern vintage rings. Vintage inspired engagement rings feature design techniques such as milgrain beading, filigree, engraving and more! Any of our vintage engagement rings can be customized to become a two tone vintage engagement ring simply by changing the metal in either the band, halo, prongs or any of the filigree and milgrain detailing. One of our favorite two tone vintage engagement rings is the Jade vintage inspired ring.

Two tone engagement rings white and rose gold

A beautiful combination for a two tone engagement ring is white and rose gold. The colors really pop when together and can create such a feminine look! Our favorite two tone engagement ring with white and rose gold is the Coralie modern spiral engagement ring with a halo in rose and white. If you’re looking for two tone engagement rings rose gold, remember that all of our rings can be customized to include rose gold, simply tell your Sylvie retailer which part of the ring you would like in rose, and voila! 

Two tone halo engagement rings

Halo engagement rings make the perfect canvas for two toned engagement rings. To create a two tone halo engagement ring, all you must do is change the metal color of the actual halo within the ring so that it differs from the color of your band or shank. One example of this technique is seen in our beautiful Cheri two tone vintage engagement ring with a white gold halo and yellow gold band.

Two tone princess cut engagement rings 

Princess cut rings have always been a classic favorite among brides, the sharp edges and many facets are modern with a feminine flare! Adding another metal to any princess cut ring brings a bold statement to any traditional princess cut ring. We recommend going with a princess cut halo ring to create your two tone princess cut engagement rings!

So, now that you know all about the different metals you can choose for your ring and how you can customize two tone engagement rings, be sure to pick out your favorite style from our engagement ring gallery and get creative with your custom two tone ring!