Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
The warmth and nostalgia of yellow gold offers a timeless and versatile look that can compliment any center stone. When set with a round brilliant center, yellow gold engagement rings are exceptionally beautiful.
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Oval Engagement Ring
Oval Cut Classic Engagement Ring – Maryam – S2093-OV
Oval Engagement Ring – Jillian – S1848-OV
Round High Polish Solitaire Engagement Ring SY904
Round High Polish Solitaire Engagement Ring – Carina – SY904
High Polish Spiral Engagement Ring
High Polish Spiral Engagement Ring – Yasmine – S1524-RB
Stackable Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Stackable Engagement Ring – Taylor – S1811
Vintage Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Halo Engagement Ring – Cheri – S1409
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring
Vintage Engagement Ring – Roial – S1392
vintage engagement ring S1721-WG-Sylvie
Vintage Engagement Ring – Mathilde – S1721
Oval Engagement Ring with Halo-S1814
Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Alexandra – S1814-OV
Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring
Vintage Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring – Seraphina – S1909
S2093-RB-WG Ring
Classic Engagement Ring – Maryam – S2093-RB
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring – Chereen – S1389-RB
Oval Engagement Ring
Classic Oval Engagement Ring with Halo – Vivian – S1793-OV
Oval Engagement Ring
Oval Engagement Ring – Candide – S1876
S1923 Engagement ring
Spiral Engagement Ring – Felippa – S1923
Classic Halo Engagement Ring
Classic Halo Engagement Ring – Vivian – S1793-RB
Solitaire Engagement Ring
Round Classic Engagement Ring – Adorlee – S1093-RB
Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring
Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring – Messaline – S1701
S2393 Solitaire ring
Solitaire Engagement Ring – Joanna – S2393
oval engagement ring sylvie S2500-OV
Unique Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring – Fae – S2500-OV
Floral Inspired Engagement Ring S1727-OV
Vintage Inspired Oval-Cut Flower Engagement Ring – Michaela – S1727-OV
3 Stone Engagement Ring
Three Stone Engagement Ring – Noella – S1083
Solitaire Engagement Ring – Dominique – S1955
solitaire engagement ring sylvie S1093-CU
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring – Adorlee – S1093 - CU
Solitaire Engagement Ring_S1633 1CT RB.Sylvie
Classic Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds – Jayla – S1633
Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Ring
Vintage Bezel Set Engagement Ring – Barbara – S1132
Vintage Inspired Oval Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Oval Engagement Ring – Cheri – S1409-OV
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with split shank
Cushion cut Split Shank Engagement Ring – Marie – S1101
Oval Engagement Ring
Oval Engagement Ring with Baguettes – Yvette – S1873
Hand Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring
Hand Engraved Classic Engagement Ring – Envie – S1363

Love is in the air, and that means its proposal season. With our large selection of classic yellow gold engagement rings, there’s no reason why you can’t find the ring of your dreams.

All our gold engagement rings are designed with love in mind and are crafted with only the highest quality materials. The Sylvie Collection takes pride in their 150-point quality control process, and we can guarantee that every ring is perfect. With ethically sourced stones and designs that perfectly embodies love and commitment, the perfect proposal starts with us.

You’ve found the love of your life and you’re ready to take that next step into lifelong commitment. Let us be the first to congratulate you and celebrate with you as your start this journey. Show your sweetheart just how much you love them with any of our stunning engagement rings for women in yellow gold. A wedding proposal is one of the moments in life that you will never forget, and the ring you choose is at the center of it all. Feel confident in your ring choice and know that both you and your partner will love a yellow gold engagement ring in our collection. All our yellow gold engagement rings are crafted specifically to remain beautiful for your entire life, so you can be sure that our rings will be last as long as your love does.

Yellow Gold is the most traditional metal in jewelry. In engagement rings or fashion jewelry, many women prefer it to the silver appearance of white gold as it is considered to have a more timeless feel. Due to the classic look of yellow gold engagement rings, they are great for women who prefer a more vintage look. A 14-carat yellow gold engagement ring has 58% purity, while a 24-carat yellow gold is 99.9%. The higher the carat percentage, the purer the gold, which is why many go for engagement rings for women in yellow gold. Yellow gold has a warmer look that not only looks great in vintage settings, but pairs well with warmer skin complexions. As trends come and go, the yellow gold is more of a unique metal nowadays so if you are looking for an engagement ring that is both unique and timeless, propose with one of our yellow gold engagement rings.

Our yellow gold engagements have a timeless feel yet still feel modern at the same time. With our gold engagement rings, you can go for a gemstone to add more of a unique spin to the look. If your bride is looking for a more on-trend and modern engagement ring, adding an emerald or peridot gemstone will spice up any look especially one that is already yellow gold.

Did you know that we have a beautiful collection of mixed metal engagement rings? Our yellow gold engagement rings can be mixed with a white gold halo or shank for a look that’s both modern and trendy. All our engagement rings come in rose, white, and yellow gold so the customization options are endless. Gold engagement rings are the most popular metal to date when purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band. They have a romantic and ethereal feel to them that shines with any of our shapes and styles, but especially our modern and vintage inspired engagement rings. Whether you’re looking for something out of the box, our collection of mixed metal yellow gold engagement rings are just what you need!

When it’s time to propose, start with the yellow gold engagement rings in the Sylvie Collection. The process is simple and straightforward, so that you have one less thing to worry about. Once you’ve found the ring to make your partner swoon, use our locator to find an authorized retailer near you. If the store closest to you doesn’t have your desired ring in stock, just reach out to us and ask us how we can get it delivered to your location. Need more information or have questions about a ring? Click on the “free preview” button to learn more. Marriage is an important step, and if you’re browsing yellow gold engagement rings for women, you’re ready to make it. Let us help you find the perfect yellow gold engagement ring that matches your love’s personality and style.