Cronier’s Fine Jewelry

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2307 Eastern Blvd.
Montgomery, AL 36117
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In 1984 Jerry and Rene Cronier had a dream of owning a Fine Jewelry Store that someday would be a place where no matter what kind of money you had to spend, they could offer a piece of jewelry to suit your individual budget. Grown from a small business store to now one of the leading jewelry stores in the area. Cronier's Fine Jewelry specializes in individual service with one of the most extensive collections of unique pieces of jewelry in the south. Keeping with their dreams they have many customers with modest budgets all the way to unlimited funds. From business leaders to entertainment and sports figures, Cronier's Fine Jewelry has always been able to offer a wide range of price and style. This is also attributed to always looking for new trends in fashion along with new technological advances in the diamond and gem industry as well as on-site advanced equipment in our repair department. Over the years Jerry and Rene have succeeded with their dreams, but they never lost site of how owning a piece of jewelry still is somehow very much an intimate display of each individual personality.



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