Stackable Wedding Bands

Stackable Wedding Bands
Stackable Wedding Bands come in all shapes, sizes and metals and are designed to pair perfectly with any engagement ring. The best part about these versatile wedding bands is they can be customized in any metal with any stones or precious gems.
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Stackable Wedding Band -50A4W
Vintage Inspired Stackable Wedding Band
Vintage Inspired Stackable Wedding Band – Talia – B0011-0022/D4W
B1P15-0030-WG Band
Stackable wedding band – Cerise – B1P15-0030/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band B1P13-0042
Stackable wedding band – B1P13-0042/D4W
marquise wedding band with shared prongs
Marquise Wedding Band with Shared Prongs – B1P09-78A4W-ALTMQ-LGR
baguette diamond wedding band in white gold
Baguette Diamond Wedding Band – B0098-0052/AD4W
Vintage Baguette Wedding Band – B0091-0040/AD4W
Stackable Wedding Band - B0072
Stackable Wedding Band – B0072-035/D4W
Vintage Inspired Stackable Band – Sybil – B0047-008/D4W
diamondackablendlvie--018 WG
Stackable Wedding Band – B1P18-018D4W-ALL
Stackable Wedding band B1P13-051-ALT
Stackable wedding band – B1P13-051D4W-ALT
Stackable Wedding Band
Stackable Baguette Wedding Band – B0088-0047/AD4W
Unique Stackable Wedding Band – Nathalie – B0061-027/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band
Stackable Baguette Wedding Band – B0087-0065/AD4W
Modern Stackable Diamond Band – Michelle – B0042-022/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band
White Gold & Diamond Stackable Wedding Band – Arielle – B0014-0023/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band
White Gold & Diamond Stackable Wedding Band – Madeleina – B0009-0010/D4W
Delicate Stackable Wedding Band – Eugenie – B0045-014/D4W
Unique Bezel Set Stackable Band – B0059-043/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band
Stackable Baguette Wedding Band – B0089-0050/AD4W
Beaded Stackable Band – XS – Brettany – B0044-009/D4W
Versatile White Gold Wedding Band – Elena Copy – B0033-013/D4W
vintage inspired wedding band
Vintage Inspired Wedding Band – BS2511-022A4W-ALL
Modern Wedding Band – Diahna – B0030-023/D4W
Marquise Shaped Stackable Band – Samantha – B0038-017/D4W
Stackable Wedding Band
Stackable Wedding Band – B1PG17-027/D4W
Stackable Diamond Ring in White Gold
Stackable Diamond Ring – BS1976-015A4W-ALL
delicate stackable wedding band in white gold
Delicate Stackable Wedding Band – Kristina – BS2525-006A4W-ALL
Baguette Wedding Band – Romi – B0046-048/A4W
White Gold Stackable Wedding Band
White Gold Stackable Wedding Band – Angeline – B0010-0032/D4W

Having trouble finding the perfect wedding band set for you? Are you interested in a fashion band that will take your look to the next level? Look no further than our beautiful collection of stackable wedding bands. Stackable diamond bands are the most versatile trend amongst classic and modern brides.

Although stackable bands pair beautifully with any of our Sylvie Collection engagement rings, these stackable diamond rings can also be worn as fashion rings for those who wish to wear them as a statement piece instead of a wedding band. Our stackable wedding bands can be worn as fashion rings on their own, mixed and matched with other bands or paired with one of our engagement rings. Whether you’re going to mix metals or match them, our stackable wedding bands add the perfect touch to any style of engagement ring. If you love a rose gold stackable band and you want to wear it with your white gold vintage engagement ring, go for it.

Want to stay on trend with our stackable wedding bands, a mixed metal look is just what you need to change up your look. From classic to modern, Sylvie offers a collection of over 100 stackable band styles of interchangeable stackable bands that offer endless combinations to choose from. Mixing metals such as yellow and rose gold or matching a white gold stackable to one of our various engagement rings, adds just the right amount of flare and glam to any wedding set. Make it your dream wedding set by creating a look that stands out from the rest. Our stackable bands worn as fashion rings or wedding bands, come in various styles and metals. This is another great way to add a little bit of modern charm to an otherwise traditional or classic engagement ring. Completely customizable to what you want, our stackables are one of the most versatile pieces you will find at the Sylvie Collection. You can either gift your bride to be with one of our gorgeous stackable diamond bands to complete her wedding set or you can let her customize the ring in any way she would like.

With our stackable diamond rings, creating a wedding set doesn’t have to be traditional. Choosing a wedding band can be difficult and sometimes you don’t want the traditional look. That is where our stackable bands come in. Our styles range from classic to modern and everything in between.

With the ability to choose whichever stones you want displayed, diamonds or gemstones, our stackable bands will truly be unique to what you’re looking for. We also carry four colors of metals in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Some of our stackable wedding bands are made to match our solitaire stackable band engagement rings. A matching set is gorgeous and can even make the engagement ring appear larger with two matching bands.

Our stackable wedding bands also make for great gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or even a push present. You can surprise your wife with a beautiful stackable band or even say thank you to your mom with a gorgeous white gold stackable fashion band. If you’re celebrating your anniversary, you can mix the metals of your stackable band and engagement ring for a unique and versatile look that’ll never go out of style. For a birthday, a set of mixed metal stackable bands might be just the thing she’s always wanted! Our stackable wedding bands could also be paired with family heirloom rings to make for a more updated look. Bringing the modern elegance to a vintage ring is perfect for the bride who wants a little bit of both.

Sylvie’s collection of over 2,000 engagement ring styles gives you the ability to choose from various styles such as, vintage, classic, modern, color and many more. When mixing or matching our stackable wedding bands, you’ll create a timeless look that will never fade. If you’re not a bride quite yet, our stackable wedding bands are perfect for you. Your jewelry will be sparkling, and you’ll be the most on-trend chic in town. There are no rules when it comes to our stackable band collection. That is what makes them so fun to wear and especially to stack. Find the perfect stackable band for your bride to be at the Sylvie Collection.