Wedding Jewelry

A touch of diamond sparkle can add magic to the big day not only for the bride, but for family and friends as well. From earrings and pendants to rings and ear climbers, Sylvie's endless selection of exquisite hand crafted wedding jewelry will make anyone stand out in the crowd!
Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings – ER815-0048/D4W
Unique Diamond Huggie Earrings
Unique Diamond Huggie Earrings – HP068-0075/D4W
vintage diamond hoop earrings
Vintage Inspired Diamond Hoop Earrings – HP059-0053/D4W
Vintage Inspired Diamond Drop Earrings – ER827-0072/D4W
Diamond Square Earrings – ER819-0048/D4W
Diamond Flower Earrings – ER645C-0083/D4W
Pear Shaped Diamond Earrings – ER165-0142/D4W
Oval Diamond Earrings – ER818-0049/D4W
Modern Hoop Earrings
Modern Diamond Hoop Earrings – HP067-0096/D4W
Diamonds by the Yard Necklace  by Sylvie
Diamonds by the Yard Necklace 2 – .25 Carats – DBY2-0025/D4W-18
Round Pave Diamond Necklace
Round Pave Diamond Necklace – PD817-0054/D4W
Diamonds by the Yard Necklace -  - Sylvie
Diamonds by the Yard Necklace – .50 Carats – DBY2-0050/D4W-18
Vintage Diamond Necklace – PD671-0102/D4W
Heartaped Diamond Necklace in White Gold
Heart-Shaped Diamond Necklace – PD815-0053/D4W
Modern Rose Gold Pave Diamond Necklace
Modern Rose Gold Pave Diamond Necklace – PD819-0050/D4W
Rose Gold and Diamond Flower Pendant – PD177-0174/D4R
Vintage Inspired Diamond Curved Bar Necklace – PD824-0047/D4Y
Pear Shaped Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold – PD638-0126/D4Y
baguette diamond wedding band in white gold
Baguette Diamond Wedding Band – B0098-0052/AD4W
Blue Sapphire Gemstone Wedding Band
Square Pave Diamond Ring – FR819
Stackable Wedding Band
Unique Modern Diamond Ring – B0093-0038/D4W
Modern Diamond Ring
Modern Diamond Ring – FR733-0031/D4Y
oval diamond eternity band
Oval Diamond Eternity Band – B100-315A4WET-6.50
pear shaped diamond eternity band
Pear Shaped Diamond Eternity Band set East to West – B103-195A4WET-6.50
Princess Cut Yellow Sapphire Diamond Band – FR517-137/D4Y*
Stackable wedding band – B1P15-037BS/D4W
Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet – BG508
Classic Diamond Bracelet
Classic Diamond Bracelet – BG506
Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Bangle Bracelet – BG504-0050/D4W
Diamond Bracelet
Elegant Diamond Bracelet – BG505
Spiral Diamond Bracelet
Spiral Diamond Bracelet – BG1524
Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet
Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet – BG504-0050/D4R
Slip On Diamond Bracelet
Slip On Diamond Eternity Bracelet – BG507