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Vintage Wedding Rings

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Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring in Rose Gold – FR100-0100/D4RB

Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring – FR101-0075/D4W

Ramona – Yellow Gold Flower Wedding Band – B0029-052/D4Y

Unique Vintage Diamond Ring – FR102-113/D4Y

Glamorous Diamond Ring – FR576-0122/D4W

Unique Vintage Diamond Ring – FR102-113/D4R

Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold – FR100-0100/D4Y

Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring – FR100-0100/D4W

Vintage Inspired Diamond Ring – FR101-0075/D4R

Vintage Inspired Diamond Fashion Ring – FR513-0035/D4W

Unique Vintage Diamond Ring – FR102-113/D4W

Rose Gold Fashion Ring

Rose Gold Diamond Ring – FR103-0093/D4RB

Modern Diamond Ring – FR501-0045/D4W

Modern Diamond Ring – FR502-0054/D4W

Ramona – Rose Gold Flower Wedding Band – B0029-052/D4R

Modern Diamond Ring – FR500-0058/D4W

Vintage Diamond Ring with Round Brilliant Diamonds – FR581-0048/D4W

Diamond Flower Ring – FR816-0083/D4W

Unique Vintage Diamond Ring – FR102-113/D4YB


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