Complement Your Outfit with Vintage Inspired Diamond Jewelry

Are you planning for a friend’s wedding? Are you a bridesmaid or merely a guest at a destination wedding? Do you have to attend a black tie event? Have you booked a ticket for the Ascot or the Annual Charity Ball in your town?



Preparing for an event is so much fun, but it can also be a cause of concern if you don’t have the appropriate attire. Sometimes having a great outfit is not enough. Important events that are close to your heart require you to make more than a half-hearted attempt of dressing up. When your dress seems drab and is not doing anything to enhance your natural beauty, it’s time to rely on vintage diamond fashion jewelry that lends you the shine that is just perfect for a special night out.

Finding your dream dress is just the beginning when you are preparing for a special event. You might think that purchasing the dress is a job well done. However, a dress is not the only thing that is required to make you stand out as a beautiful woman. Anyone who has seen the Maid in Manhattan will realize that a perfect dress, combined with a little pampering and show stopper vintage diamond fashion jewelry can make everyone’s eyes linger on you for more than a second.

A perfect designer jewelry piece, like a showstopper diamond wedding band, can stop the hearts of women and make you the centre of attention in any room. Such is the power of diamond jewelry. It is completely up to you what you want to wear. If your dress is a Michel Kors sequined sheath, choosing an understated vintage designer necklace or drop earrings in platinum, with marquise and round diamonds,and a vintage engagement ring can help you look sophisticated and graceful.

However, if you are wearing Eli Saab style monochromatic-hued gown with no ruffles or shine, choose a statement accessory like a platinum engagement ring highlighted with a cathedral yellow sapphire. Remember to add a pop of color, if you have chosen a dark hued or monochromatic dress. Although the right makeup, shoes and hairdo can make quite a statement, having the right diamond jewelry at your disposal is just as important.

A diamond cuff bracelet in rose gold is the perfect example that if gold and platinum don’t catch your fancy, there are a lot of other metals, jewelry designers are working with nowadays,to cater to the eclectic tastes of their clients. Another thing you must consider, is the suitability of your vintage jewelry and vintage engagement rings. Jewelry must always complement the color of your dress and even the neckline. Who can forget Angelina Jolie’s Lorraine Schwartz 115-carat Colombian emerald drop earrings that complimented her black high slit gown,and made her the centre of attention on the 2009 Oscars?

Outshining the crowd is not something that comes naturally to everyone, so why not add vintage diamond jewelry and designer jewelry to your outfit to elevate it. Vintage jewelry is one of the most exotic and exquisite accessories that defy their price tags and are perfect for glamour events and sophisticated garden luncheons. A simple pearl string necklace is a perfect accessory for a debutante rehearsal dinner. Or if you are looking for something upscale, try vintage diamond jewelry that can make any outfit shine, regardless of the occasion.

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