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What Your Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Says About You

Vintage Inspired Three Stone Engagement Ring with Halo S1059SThis ain’t your Grandmother’s engagement ring.

But it looks an awful lot like it. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are currently trending among modern brides, and it has nothing to do with affordability. Rings that hearken back to a simpler era are the next sought-after “something new” that tops the must-have list of even the hippest celebrity couples.

If you chose a vintage-inspired unique engagement ring to cement your relationship, this is what your choice says about you:

You Make Ethical Choices

The biggest draw for brides who choose vintage-inspired rings over more modern offerings is the lack of ethical dilemma involved. Rings like these are often designed using conflict-free gems and metals, unlike those sourced from mines that violate human rights or fund the purchase of weapons. Choosing an ethically-sourced ring with a vintage design says you care about our planet and the people who live here.

You Care About the Past

That vintage ring has a story to tell. The design reflects a style that once belonged to a young woman who was just as much in love as you are. The challenges she faced in life were probably vastly different from your own, but you share a common bond.

You’re Timeless, Not Trendy

If you’re a bride-to-be who loves the look of vintage jewelry, but you intend to be your engagement ring’s first-and-only owner, a vintage-inspired ring is just the ticket. Sparkling-new bands, settings, and cuts inspired by decades-old designs have a timeless appeal that never grows dated.

Rings inspired by vintage design are hot commodities on today’s bridal circuit, and we have many time-honored offerings from which to choose.

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