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Sylvie Unique Engagement Ring Esmeralda is named a JCK Jewelers Choice Awards Finalist!

The Sylvie Collection is proud to announce that our unique engagement ring, the Esmeralda ring, has been named a 2021 Jewelers Choice Awards Finalist! The JCK Jewelers Choice awards have been one of the most prestigious competitions for established jewelers designers in the industry. Retailers all over the United States vote and reward designers in categories such as best bridal design, fashion/bridge, statement piece, and more in the 2021 JCK Jewelry Awards. The Esmeralda ring was a finalist in the engagement ring category, and we can see why! This exquisite ring is one you’ve never seen before, featuring a 1.5

How to Customize Oval Engagement Rings

How to Customize Oval Engagement Rings The holidays are in full swing and that probably means you’re looking for a gift. If you’re planning to propose – even better! If your bride is looking to customize or design her ring unique to her preferences, then you’ve come to the right place. At the Sylvie Collection, you have the opportunity to customize any unique engagement ring to your preferences! For the holidays we are thinking glitz and glamour with our gorgeous oval engagement rings. These oval engagement rings are glamorous and sophisticated – bringing more sparkle to the holiday season! An


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