Popular Jewelry Trends

While all sorts of new trends disappear and resurface from year to year, there are a few styles of engagement rings which have remained consistent since I began my business. These staples can hardly be considered ‘trends’, however, that doesn’t mean that their classic looks aren’t ‘trendy’.

Simply put, the demand for beautiful and timeless styles such as halo or double halo, classic solitaire and three stone rings is unwavering for good reason. Though the three offer very different levels of detail, their sophistication and enduring class mean brides never have to worry about their engagement rings remaining current.

So what are some of the main design elements which set these stunners apart, making them such a popular choice for couples about to take the plunge and make a lifetime commitment to one another?

Sent From Above

Halo and double halo settings are beautifully distinguished by a centralized round diamond (or gemstone) encircled by a string of smaller diamonds which accent a brilliant center. Better still, regardless of shape or size, the surrounding Micropave diamonds and their light play give the allusion of a more sizeable center stone. Visually, these rings appear up to a half a carat larger without the added price. 

With ties dating back to the Georgian and Victorian Eras, it’s been a favorite of brides for centuries, and shows no signs of slowing in the near future. In fact, lifestyle destinations such as Refinery 29, JCK, and Martha Stewart Wedding have all ‘seen the light’, deeming Sylvie’s collection of halo settings a heaven-sent.

Modern Round Center Peekaboo Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern Round Center Peekaboo Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

Why Try to Improve Upon a Classic?

Classic Solitaires are the type of ring you picture when you close your eyes and bring to the foreground of your imagination the most quintessential engagement ring you can think of. With clean lines and an unobstructed diamond focal point, they’re pure, concentrated romance.

Most credit the birth of this classic engagement ring to the Tiffany’s diamond solitaire which first captured the public’s eye, and heart, in 1886. Since then, it has been the clear choice for couples as they make their first big step towards forever.

While round brilliant shaped diamonds with four to six prongs are generally the popular choice for solitaire rings, many other styles and settings can be incorporated to personalize your ring.

Changing little since its initial unveiling, and never succumbing to trends, this beauty allows your diamond to revel in the spotlight-- its natural shape, luster and fiery brilliance canvased on the ring’s simple metal band.

Third Stone’s a Charm

To love, honor and cherish, for your past, present and future, good things come in threes. Same goes for the number of stones in your engagement ring. 3-Stone engagement rings represent so much in your relationship-- the three little words which started it all, and everything in between. By adding more diamonds, you have the ability to experiment with a variety of options to truly capture your personality and set your ring apart while retaining a timeless charm that will never tarnish.  

Whether you want to vary the sizes, shapes or colors of the stone trio, a three stone ring is the perfect choice for a couple who’s budget conscious, but unwilling to compromise on glamour. For example, when not confined to one single cut to make the impact you want, uniting three stones together can add up to 2 carats of total weight, while still costing you less than a single 2 carat diamond solitaire.

Creative options abound in this triple threat, including the option to pull in a charmed halo surround, all while solidifying each of the beautiful phases in your union.

Ultimately, while these three engagement ring styles accentuate different personalities and panaches, they can hardly be classified as a trend. Thanks to their history, longevity, and class, each in its own way is sure to serve as a permanent reminder of the bond and commitment your share with your true love.